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Is Cloud Backup Bad News For Data Recovery Professionals?

Data recovery professionals are there to help if your hard drive fails. If your drive fails mechanically (which means that the components inside are actually broken, or about to) then you will need to contact a recovery company if you want to get your data back. This is because the more airborne particles that touches the delicate insides of your drive, the more damage it causes. As such, you can’t repair your drive at home. The insides are that sensitive that simply opening the hard drive in your room is sure to mess it up further.
Data recovery professionals use something called a clean room. This is a special room that has a reduced amount of airborne particles. They can open up your drive in here and repair the damaged components. Although using these recovery services usually comes at a high price, for a lot of people it is worth it in order to get their data back.
However, data recovery professionals could soon be on the downfall. This is because of cloud backup. If you don’t know, cloud storage means keeping all your data on a remote server. The benefit to this is that you can access your data at any time and from anywhere, providing you have an internet connection. Say you’ve gone to a business meeting and forgotten to bring your USB stick with a presentation on. If your data is stored in the cloud then it’s not a problem. A lot of the big tech giants like Google and Microsoft now offer their own cloud storage services, with both free and paid plans.
Where cloud storage might rock the data recovery boat is in backup. If all your files are stored in the cloud then that means there is an instant second copy of your data. Should your hard drive fail then you haven’t lost all your files; they’ll also be stored in the cloud. Cloud backup is instantaneous and once setup requires little user input. Files can be automatically synced whenever changes are made to them. A lot of people don’t back up their files because they see it as being a hassle. With cloud storage, backup can be seen as an added bonus to the benefit of data access from any location.
However, it is unlikely that cloud backup is totally bad news for data recovery professionals. Some cloud services only offer limited storage space for free and have a limit on the types of files you can upload. This means that if a whole hard drive fails then it is unlikely that all of data would have been backed up to the cloud.
Programs have existed for a long time to help users back up their data, but recovery companies still remain in business. This is because a lot of people just don’t implement backup plans, even if they know how important it is. As such, it is likely that cloud backup is not seen as a big threat to these recovery professionals.


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