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Introduction to ACE Data Recovery

With data loss the question isn’t if, but when. Every storage device will, at some point in time, fail. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll fail when you’re using it, but then again it easily could. And while everyone who stores data of any value should always maintain a stable and strong backup plan, the reality is that just isn’t always the case.

In fact, that reality is evident simply due to the fact that data recovery companies exist. These are firms that have been set up specifically to help users recover their data. One such company is ACE Data Recovery, based in San Antonio, who have been recovering data for over 30 years.

While some recovery companies mainly focus on hard disk drives, ACE Data Recovery extends far beyond that. They are capable of recovering data from RAIDs, SSDs, servers and remote locations.

There are two different types of drive failure, in the main: logical and physical. The former can usually be resolved by the user using online tools to get their data back. If a drive has physically failed, however, then things aren’t as simple.

All storage devices are fragile; in fact, if you open up a hard disk drive then it can be damaged simply by the dust particles in the air. That’s why ACE Data Recovery makes use of what is called a clean room. This is a room that is electronically monitored for air quality and particulate contamination 24 hours a day. Their clean rooms are Class 10 and Class 100, ensuring drives don’t get damaged further when opened inside.

ACE Data Recovery claims that their recovery engineers are some of the industry’s elite and have been handpicked from around the world. They have a dedicated team who are designing and developing hardware and software in order to access more data and complete recovery requests quickly.

One of the great things about ACE Data Recovery is that they don’t charge you anything if they don’t recover your data. It makes sense: why pay for a service that isn’t successful? They’ll even give you a free professional diagnostic evaluation on a single piece of media so that you can determine the company’s abilities.

Not only that, but once you’ve been quoted a price it will never increase and they’ll ship your data back to you free of charge. They have different pricing levels, depending on how quickly you need your data back, of which further information can be found at their official website. Standard recovery begins at $149 an hour.

The firm recently opened 10 new service centres across America, meaning that their centres now total 25 across the country. The vice president of global sales and marketing, Steven Aldridge, said that this is the third time the company has expanded within the past 12 months. This most recent expansion was focussed on cities that have strong Hispanic populations, like San Antonio, Las Vegas and El Paso.

Be sure to check out ACE Data Recovery if you’ve got a data recovery issue. However, it’s always worth shopping around for the best local firm. Note, though, that price isn’t always the best indicator – go for those that have a strong reputation and will recover your data, not those that focus solely on how cheap they are.


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