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Alura Expands Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Options

Based out of Montgomery County, PA, Alura Business Solutions has enjoyed a great deal of local success within the area's IT consultation sector. They haven't let this success go to their heads, however, and they haven't deviated from their original community mission. In fact, it's quite the opposite - they've used the local landscape, including weather conditions, to strengthen their disaster recovery and data backup strategies throughout the years.

Jason Derstine, president of Alura explained the need for the continuous growth and expansion after Hurricane Sandy hit the region. He was quoted as saying: “While the current solution has served us very well over the past eight years, there were some limitations and a lack of development and acceptable product roadmap. Specifically, recovery time in the event of a disaster has become unacceptable and below industry standards. To overcome these limitations we have selected a new platform that not only solves the problems above, but is not priced per gigabyte - and has a continuous commitment to providing a state of the art product. By November 1st, we will be rolling out our new platform across our existing clients’ networks. This will be a completely seamless process on their end. They will immediately receive increased functionality, and additional optional disaster recovery features will be coming in the next two quarters.”

By maintaining a regional focus on IT solutions, which Alura provides to small and medium-sized enterprises, they are able to disseminate local and industry-wide trends, analyze productivity and find out what works for themselves as well as their clients. Alura is also embracing greater scalability, so they'll be able to adapt and expand their services even further as the market dictates.

“We have been gearing up to launch this exciting new product for a while now, and I am proud to say we are welcoming new clients who are specifically concerned about their disaster recovery plan, and are tired of paying for DR on a metered basis,” Derstine continued. "Any interested business should reach out to Alura for a free consultation and proposal.

The ultimate goal of Alura's new expansion is to improve customer service through reduced data restoration time, increased industry compliance and provide unlimited cloud storage at a fixed pricing point for all their customers. Finally, the professionals at Alura are constantly working in order to improve their disaster recovery planning, data retention protocol and data restoration techniques. Alura will keep their previous backup schedule of once per day, though multiple daily backups, as well as real-time backups, can be made available to clients with no added fees.

Alura Business Solutions offers free consultations and proposals to interested parties. Any small or medium-sized enterprises can contact Alura at, through email at or via telephone at 844-558-7200. Some of their top partners include Cisco, VMware, Chorus Communications, Dell, Microsoft, and the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, while their portfolio of service offerings features comprehensive and affordable solutions in bandwidth, telephony, hardwiring, IT security, web hosting and more.


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