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AWS To Expand Worldwide Footprint with Data Centers in Italy

Amazon Web Services is one of biggest and most widely popular cloud service providers in the 21st century. Backed by the former bookstore-turned-ecommerce giant, the platform boasts millions of customers encompassing 19 different geographic regions and 57 distinct availability zones. While the company already maintains a comprehensive network, and has solid plans for even more developments in the coming years, one region has been noticeably absent from their coverage – the country of Italy – until now.

Preparing for Expansion

Set to launch in early 2020, the new infrastructure region, AWS Europe (Milan), will include three more availability zones. Moreover, it joins the five other regions in Europe that already have coverage, including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Ireland. They also have plans for an additional 12 more availability zones located throughout four more regions by 2020 – including sites in Hong Kong, South Africa, Bahrain and more.

Andy Jassy, chief executive officer with Amazon Web Services, spoke about the need for new data centers in the country and likened it to previous artistic endeavors within the cultural by saying: "For thousands of years, Italians have been the architects of some of the most innovative and ground-breaking technical and artistic feats. We’ve been amazed with how Italian companies have invented on top of AWS thus far, but believe an AWS Region in Italy makes it even easier for Italian companies and government organizations to reinvent and evolve customer and citizen experiences for many decades to come."

Pirelli, one of Italy's most prolific brands one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, already uses AWS for advanced data analytics pertaining to driver safety and well-being. They've even built several proprietary applications using the AWS platform, including Cyber Car and Cyber Fleet, to collect data from sensors and, ultimately, improve vehicle performance.

Daniele Benedetti, head of ICT Architectures and Innovation with Pirelli, explained how they currently use AWS by saying: "The plethora of services available on AWS enables us to build highly reliable, scalable, and secure applications, such as Cyber Car and Cyber Fleet, available across the globe, in record time."

Benedetti continued with some of the benefits expected from AWS' expansion into Italy by saying: "To further accelerate our innovation, we placed AWS Serverless technologies, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB, as well as DevOps best practices at the heart of our development processes, dramatically improving time to market for new features for customers. We can now configure runtime environments in just days instead of weeks and can deploy new micro-services and features in just tens of minutes, instead of several days. This agility is critical to better meet our customer’s expectations and only AWS was able to provide us with this level of scalability and flexibility."

To find out more information about Amazon Web Services, including their recent developments within the country of Italy or happenings in any of their other availability zones or coverage regions, please visit their official website at {{|}} .


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