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Direct To Cloud Disaster Recovery From Axcient

Axcient has been making waves for their disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) expertise for quite some time now, but their newest offering, a variation on their popular DRaaS platform, brings endpoint replication of physical and virtual servers to their own cloud architecture. Referred to as “Direct to Cloud” functionality, the new feature bolsters Axcient’s data recovery services while allowing them to cater to the needs of individual customers.

Justin Moore, Axcient’s CEO, explained how their new service offerings were brought about as a direct result of customer feedback. He was quoted as saying:
“Direct to Cloud fills a major gap in the market. No other vendor offers the same end-to-end protection for laptops, desktops and servers across physical and virtual environments.” He continued by saying: “Our customers and partners have been asking us to bring our leading Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution to endpoints so that they can do away with legacy online backup products and we decided to take it a step further and make an appliance-less version of our platform for servers. Businesses of all sizes can now have enterprise level replication and resiliency for all of their systems at a tenth of the cost of building a replicated datacenter.”

Essentially, Axcient’s new Direct to Cloud functionality gives its users the ability to save complete system snapshots of their systems directly to Axcient’s cloud servers. The platform allows for the archival of snapshots from workstation computers, laptops and servers alike. If the primary device ever becomes unavailable for any reason, the user will then be able to access the snapshot and recover their valuable data. Users of Axcient’s Direct to cloud service can expect always-on connectivity, uninterrupted operations and data security.

According to a spokesperson with Axcient, the company is the first DRaaS provider to offer the option of deployment in cloud, physical or virtual environments. As such, they are expecting to attract the attention of professionals all throughout the IT industry – including other DRaaS providers. Whether or not others will adopt a similar model remains to be seen, but it appears to be an obvious step for Axcient, at least.

Customer Insight

Luis Alvarez, CEO with Alvarez Technology Group and a new user of Axcient’s Direct to Cloud service, has leveraged Direct to Cloud as a means of replacing endpoint backup protocol with a centralized suite of functionality.

Alvarez spoke highly of the platform in a recent interview, where he was quoted as saying: “With the ability to eliminate the cost of an appliance, now even our smallest clients that only have a few servers that need protection can have access to enterprise-level resiliency at true SMB price points.”

About Axcient

Axcient provides a plethora of services in cloud computing, data backup and recovery, industry compliance, virtual computing and more. With a dedicated team of IT experts leading the charge, they’ve built a reputation around data management and protection in the 21st century. To find out more information about Axcient, including details on any of the IT solutions they provide, please visit their website at


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