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BluPointe Now Offering Virtual Disaster Recovery Services

BluPointe DRS, an industry leader in virtual disaster recovery services, has recently expanded their offerings via a VDR online backup protocol that provides access to advanced functionality such as system state restoration, essential file restoration and more. In fact, their recent press release cited two primary functions as well as five secondary functions, all of which are available to BluPointe customers, users and partners.

As previously stated, the new VDR online backup protocol allows users to restore a previous system state, or essential system files, to any local directory they wish. The files can then be opened via VMware Player, HyperV or Workstation. Alternatively, previous system states and essential files can also be restored an external ESX server.

Users of BluPointe's new VDR online backup service will also be able to access many other features, as well. Remote troubleshooting and assistance with virtual data recovery can be implemented through VMware or HyperV, thereby facilitate restoration services at the customer's exact location. Virtual recoveries can also be directed within an internal data center, which makes the restored server available to a partner's customer for a designated period of time. Virtual recoveries can also be transferred to a client via a .VMDK file, which is usually copied to a disc or some other form of digital media.

Another option of BluPointe's new VDR service lets users perform incremental restorations, thereby bolstering the efficiency, accuracy and availability of data backups. Finally, the new features seen in the VDR online backup service allow clients to initiate non-disruptive restoration testing while minimizing the impact on internal hardware systems. This type of backup also reduces the amount of manpower spent when performing manual data backups.

For users who are unsure about which system files to include when performing a backup, BluPointe's CEO, Ron Roberts, offered a straightforward solution. He was quoted as saying: "VDR requires a full system state backup and system disk backup to be completed successfully on version 13.5. For those users who are unsure about the correct selection of system files, we recommend that the our partners or the user perform a test restore."


BluPointe's VDR online backup service is able to restore a plethora of Windows-based operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 / Windows 2008 R2 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows 2012 R2. It can recovery files to a number of designated targets, including VMware ESXi 4.1, VMware vSphere 5.0 / 5.5, HyperV 2, HyperV 3, .VMDK files and .VHD files.


Despite its versatility, BluPointe's VDR online backup service does have some limitations. For starters, VDR is not compatible with GPT partitions. There is no failover or business continuity included with the VDR, and there is a limit of 15 drives when completing a VDR restoration to ESXi. Finally, VDR does not support physical server or dissimilar hardware recovery routines.

To find out more information about BluPoint or to explore any of their current product offerings, please visit their comprehensive website at Interested parties can also reach the company by telephone at 404-252-7626, or by emailing


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