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Axcient Enhances Business Recovery Cloud Functionality

Axcient's Business Recovery Cloud has served as the backbone of their recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) offerings, specifically in the way of cloud-oriented backup and disaster recovery (BDR). In order to expand their presence even further, as well as to provide their customers with greater accessibility to their cloud-based services, Axcient has recently released the newest version of their Business Recovery Cloud to the general public.

Most of the upgraded functionality involves enhanced failover, quicker replication and improved data recovery for both files and folders. Moreover, Axcient has integrated complete drag-and-drop capability, thereby making it easier to move files, especially larger data sets, to specific folders and storage devices.

Justin Moore, Axcient's CEO and co-founder, spoke about the new functionality in a recent interview, where he was quoted as saying: "The new version of the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud enables much faster replication and data recovery, instant server and office failover for business continuity and native virtual machine disk recovery for VMware environments. All of this means that managed service providers (MSPs) can offer their customers enterprise functionality at small and medium-sized business costs. It also enables MSPs to target larger customers with larger data sets who they otherwise couldn't have protected with traditional solutions."

In fact, according to Moore, the newest version of Axcient's Business Recovery Cloud provides recovery speeds up to nine times that of previous editions. Moreover, this number applies to both physical and virtual platforms, thereby maximizing their reach in the industry.

Not only does Axcient's Business Recovery Cloud work on physical network infrastructure, but it also works on virtual environments. This is crucial to capturing as large of a market share as possible, especially since some figures estimate that as much as 90% of all business workloads are supported through virtual machines today.

Continuing with his interview, CEO Justin Moore spoke optimistically about the future of Axcient and their upcoming plans for the cloud. He said: "We plan to continue expanding and improving our Business Recovery Cloud to offer increasing value to our customers. You can expect to see increasing speeds, more granular recovery options, the ability to support increasingly larger customers and improved automation and orchestration."

With a proven track record of success on backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, data archival, compliance and application protection, Axcient has already established themselves as a frontrunner in the industry. Despite their relatively short amount of time in the IT sector, which is less than a decade, Moore has been able to propel the enterprise to the head of the game. Axcient currently serves over 3,500 customers while providing dedicated protection over approximately 10 billion separate files throughout their entire cloud network, and this number is expected to increase exponentially in the near future.

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