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Introducing the Carbonite Appliance HT10

Carbonite Cloud Backup Services is a company that specialized in online data backups that are secure, reliable and affordable to the 21st century consumer. Operating primarily on a subscription-based model, customers of Carbonite are able to enjoy their services without having to pay a ton of money upfront. In order to offer their customers even more flexibility, the development team at Carbonite has recently unveiled the Carbonite Appliance HT10; a hybrid backup device that is aimed at increasing the speed and security of their cloud-based services on behalf of enterprise-level customers.


David Maffei, vice president of Global Channel Sales on behalf of Carbonite, explained the role the new Carbonite Appliance is expected to play. He was quoted as saying: "We are reinforcing our commitment to our channel partners and the small business market with the launch of the channel-exclusive Carbonite Appliance. The Carbonite Appliance is a simple, secure hybrid backup solution that's just right for our partners' small business clients. The local data recovery and automatic cloud integration allow partners to protect their clients' most important asset – their business-critical data. The complete bare metal backup and recovery ensures small business clients can get right back to business."

The initial press release for the Carbonite Appliance HT10 lists numerous key benefits of the device. For starters, the hybrid architecture of the appliance offers the convenience and security of local data backups while also creating automatic, cloud-based backups.

Simplicity is another key selling point of the Carbonite Appliance HT10. Users are given an intuitive, user-friendly interface which provides streamlined access to all management functionality, including configuring options, monitoring processes and establishing backup protocol.

Affordability is also listed as one of the key features of the Carbonite Appliance HT10. With no expensive hardware fees or extraneous costs, small businesses and enterprises won't have to drain their bank account just to pay for services. Moreover, with per-server licensing fees, customers will only pay for the architecture they are using.

Carbonite's bare metal recovery protocol realizes a vast increase in speed when compared to other, similar devices. This even applies to complete system restorations, database files, operating systems and any other applications.

The final benefit, according to Carbonite, is increased security. All data is transferred via SSL encryption and all data is stored using AES-256 server-side encryption, thereby safeguarding customer information according to some of the most stringent encryption standards.

David Levenson has already employed the Carbonite Appliance as a means of safeguarding and recovering data from the systems of his clientele. Happy with the service to date, Levenson was quoted as saying: "Many other appliances tend to be too complex and expensive for this particular market. Other comparative solutions may incorporate many moving parts and administrative costs and the totals may exceed the cost of this appliance. The Carbonite Appliance is a simple and powerful solution that handles creating image backups of Windows Servers, storing them on the appliance, and sending all of that data to the cloud."
For more information on the Carbonite Appliance HT10, you can visit their website at or speak to a representative at 877-391-4759.


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