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Overview of CBL Data Recovery

If your drive has failed mechanically, which means that the physical components have broken, then recovery software available online isn’t going to be able to help get your data back or repair your drive. In fact, the only course of action to take is to send your drive off to a specialist recovery company who will use their advanced procedures to try and save your data.

One such company is CBL Data Recovery, who can recover data from all sorts of devices like hard drives, laptops, tape, RAID and more. Their recovery methods are warranty safe and recommended by some of the biggest manufacturers including Toshiba, Western Digital, Fujitsu, and more.

Their process for data recovery is simple for the end-user and comes with an excellent promise. If the firm is unable to recover any of your data then you will not be charged for evaluation or recovery. Data loss is frustrating as it is, so it’s good that CBL aren’t adding to this by forcing payment in unsuccessful circumstances.

To begin the recovery process, the user has to fill out an online form or call the company on their Freephone number. A series of questions are asked to determine the cause of the data loss, which will help advise the company as to what sort of recovery methods they’ll need to employ.

The user will be given instructions on how to send their drive to the company safely and securely; once received, the user will receive a call to confirm that the delivery has been received.

The hard drive is then sent to the lab for the evaluation process. During this process a copy of the media is made. This is because it’s unsafe to perform tests on the damaged drive for risk of harming ti further. As such, the integrity of the original data source is always maintained.

When evaluation is complete, the user will be contacted to let them know the results. If recovery is thought to be possible, a quotation will be sent over to the user via email. Once approved, the recovery process will begin.

CBL Data Recovery uses Class 100 clean rooms to perform data recovery in. Because a hard drive is very sensitive inside, even something like a speck of dust could cause huge damage to the data. A clean room is a specially controlled room that ensures airborne particles are kept to the minimum.

Once recovery is finished, the company will perform a quality control process to ensure that the data is actually useable. When complete, the data will be returned to the user on the media of their choice (usually DVDs are used, but hard drives can be provided if necessary). Sometimes the data can be sent back using FTP, ensuring quick and secure transferring of data.

Further information about CBL Data Recovery, like where their nearest facilities are to you, can be found on their official website. It is also here where you’ll be able to contact their recovery professionals and receive a quote for recovery.


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