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ClearSky Data Enters the Disaster Recovery Market

As the world of data storage and disaster recovery is already oversaturated by options, it takes a highly specialized and groundbreaking solution to really make an impression amongst industry experts – and that's exactly what ClearSky Data hopes to achieve. One of the most prolific providers of on-demand storage, they've recently bolstered and expanded their efforts to include disaster recovery and data protection.

To this extent, ClearSky Data has recently raised $20 million in funding – and they also scored a key partnership in the process. A shortlist of their current and previous investors includes Pear Tree Partners LP, General Catalyst, Polaris Partners, Highland Capital Partners and an unnamed investor. The company has managed to secure nearly $60 million in capital funding since their original launch in 2013.

Ellen Rubin, co-founder and CEO of ClearSky Data, explained the company's mission statement in a recent press release by saying: "We founded ClearSky with a vision to simplify complex storage architectures that were failing to meet the needs of enterprise IT. We have exceeded customer expectations in our service delivery and, as a result, they continue to grow with us to address more workloads, manage more data and deploy across more locations. With this new round of financing, our partnership with Equinix and the expansion of our executive team, ClearSky is even better positioned to fully address the data storage and management needs of our customers."''

In other words, the team at ClearSky wants to streamline IT infrastructure management by combining private cloud services or on-premise storage with the public cloud environment. The result – ideally – is a comprehensive service that is capable of delivering dependable service to hundreds of thousands of customers across the world. Moreover, they're able to do so without charging exorbitant fees from their customers.

But this isn't Ellen Rubin's first business venture. Her original startup, known as CloudSwitch, Inc., was acquired by Verizon Communications in 2011. She previously served as vice president of marketing with Netezza, Inc., which was eventually acquired by IBM in 2010. It's safe to say that she knows a thing or two about creating and developing a successful company in the IT industry.

Up until now, ClearSky only boasts approximately 40 full-time employees that are situated in data centers across four major cities in the U.S. But another recent partnership, this one with Equinox, promises to expand their footprint to include 12 different markets by the end of 2019. Although they haven't commented on specific customers, some of the most prolific names include Massachusetts General Hospital, Partners HealthCare, Nuance Communications and more.

Rubin continued her latest statement by saying: "What we really want to be able to do is to be anywhere in the country that the customer needs us, and then expand internationally."

To find out even more information on ClearSky, including details on any of their projects, solutions, or partners, please visit their official website at {{|}}. Additionally, social media users can follow the latest company news and breakthroughs by following @clearskydata.


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