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Commvault Introduces Endpoint Data Protection-as-a-Service

One of the most popular companies in the niche of information management software, Commvault recently used their own tradeshow convention, Commvault GO 2017, to announce the addition of endpoint data protection-as-a-service to their existing line of solutions. Meant to usher in an industry-wide shift toward SaaS-based solutions in general, officials with the company hope the move will give them greater market positioning for the pending New Year.

Gearing Up for 2018

The launch of endpoint data protection-as-a-service, which is available immediately, was delivered in November 2017 – just in time for enterprises’ that are looking to modernize their infrastructure in 2018. But it also serves another purpose: to combat the growing threats of laptop theft, ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

When you consider the fact that approximately one laptop is stolen every minute around the globe, it’s easy to see how easily enterprise data could fall into the wrong hands. Although the common criminal might have a goal of unloading the hardware to make a quick buck, a targeted attack could wreak havoc across an unsuspecting enterprise.

Commvault’s data protection-as-a-service solution mitigates these risks – and many more – via fully automated data backup and archival functionality. Although it doesn’t protect you from falling victim to an attack, it makes it much easier to recover after a serious incident occurs.

Not only that, but the functionality seen in the latest “as-a-service” solution comes in addition to their entire Endpoint portfolio; which already includes on-premises and SaaS deployment, comprehensive backup options, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, file synchronization and sharing, compliance and eDiscovery, Google Apps Backup and a lot more.

N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO of Commvault, spoke about the importance of adding endpoint data protection to their line of services. He was recently quoted as saying: “By providing Commvault Endpoint Data Protection as a Service, we round out our Endpoint portfolio to provide one of the broadest offerings in the market, enabling organizations to take a proactive and powerful step towards mitigating the risks tied to data theft and loss."

He finished his statement by saying: “With continued growth and risk tied to endpoint devices, organizations can no longer afford to sit idle. These new SaaS solutions streamline the management and security of endpoint data and provide peace of mind while eliminating the need for operational overhead with a fully managed cloud service that enables customers to get up and running quickly.”

It’s obvious that Commvault’s new services were designed around enterprise data management, IT analytics, cloud computing and security – both digital and physical. Couple this with 24/7 customer support and a dedicated online community of fellow users, and you have a full-service platform that is enough to meet nearly all of your enterprise IT needs.

To find out more information on Commvault, including details on any of the solutions featured in their Endpoint portfolio or any of their other products and services, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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