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Commvault Making Serious Moves to Lead the Data Recovery Market

With more enterprises embracing cloud computing than ever before, companies like Commvault are racing to meet their needs. According to recent studies, hybrid cloud adoption grew by a factor of three in 2017 alone – representing nearly a 40 percent increase from the prior year. It's clear that the number of new cloud customers will only increase from here; and Commvault is ready for them.

Owen Taraniuk, head of worldwide partnerships and market development with Commvault, spoke about their recent push to lead the data recovery market by saying: "Commvault’s goal is to be the partner of choice for backup and recovery and data management. Business moves fast, and Commvault continues to transform to help our partners quickly deliver solutions that help them grow. All of our investments and enhancements to the partner program have been designed to help partners build and scale their businesses. These changes and improvements are a direct result of partner feedback and will help us all advance together and make it easier to do business with Commvault as we strive to better meet the evolving needs of our partners in an increasingly cloud-centric, digital economy.”

Working Directly With Existing Partners

Many of the improvements and upgrades to Commvault's services are a direct result of the feedback they've received from existing partners. As they partner with organizations of all types, including value added resellers, distributors, service providers, and more, they're in a unique position to capitalize on feedback from multiple channels.

Some of their latest upgrades include:

- Creating a new Partner Success Desk to provide on-demand technical assistance on a 24-hour basis.

- Establishing a new Partner Demand Center to bolster marketing campaigns and social media outreach initiatives.

- Optimizing their existing Partner Program, Partner Portal and Commvault Quote Center.

But Commvault isn't focused solely on updating their existing products. They've been hard at work developing new software packages and services, too, including:

- Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery: As the name implies, this application provides the full range of backup and recovery services for enterprises of nearly any size.

- Commvault HyperScale Technology: Meant as an add-on service to the Complete Backup & Recovery solution, Commvault's HyperScale Technology delivers cloud-like infrastructure via an on-premises setup.

- Commvault Orchestrate: This is an automated service delivery technology that adds much-needed functionality to the areas of disaster recovery analysis, development operations (DevOps) testing and workload migration.

- Commvault Activate: CommVault Activate works with new standards controlling the use of personal data on the Internet, such as those outlined in the GDPR, to ensure compliance when working with big data.

Given these new developments, as well as frequent updates to their existing solutions, it's clear that Commvault is dedicated to meeting the needs of their partners and customers for years to come.

About Commvault

While Commvault is already viewed as an industry frontrunner in enterprise-level data backup and recovery, their continued efforts have allowed them to grow faster than ever before. For more information on the New Jersey-based company, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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