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Connected Data Adds New Functionality to Transporter Cloud Storage

Although Connected Data has only been around for a few short years, they've already made quite the name for themselves throughout the industry. Formed as a means of finding an efficient solution to share large files over today's common Internet connections, the team soon introduced their flagship product: Transporter. Dubbed the first peer-to-peer private storage device in the world, Transporter quickly caught on with the masses.

Providing a private alternative to public cloud-based storage options of today, it didn't take Transporter very long to gain popularity amongst today's tech-savvy and security-conscience computer users. In case the original product wasn't enough, Connected Data recently added increased functionality to the suite in the form of "Versions," a new option that lets users view and restore older file versions and folders. Moreover, the update also allows for tracking every change made to any specific file.

While most of the popular cloud service providers already offer functionality that is similar to that of Transporter's "Versions," Connected Data has sweetened the deal by offering access to an unlimited amount of previous file versions. This is in stark contrast to their competition, which currently charge additional fees for storing multiple older versions of any given file.

Bolstering the usability of Transporter even further is the fact that one Transporter device can be synced with others, thereby facilitating a redundant file backup system across multiple remote locations. In addition, the architecture of Transporter allows for the integration of a private network for sharing large files with coworkers, friends or family members. Although these individuals do not need to have a Transporter device of their own, they do need to have the Transporter software installed and an account setup with the Transporter site.

Jim Sherhart, Connected Data's vice president of marketing, spoke highly about the achievements they've already made with Transporter. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: "We have made tremendous progress with Transporter since it launched in early 2013 and continue to add features and functions that are valuable to our tens of thousands of customers. The addition of Transporter Versions is significant in that it provides our users critical peace-of-mind knowing their data is now protected from accidental modification or deletion without having to sacrifice the complete privacy and control that only Transporter can provide."

Transporter can also be accessed from many smartphones and mobile devices via special apps. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the Transporter apps allows you to download files from your Transporter as you need them. Furthermore, the iOS version of the app even allows for the automatic upload of photos and videos, which are immediately placed into a special folder located on the Transporter device. You are then free to delete the files from your device without removing them from the Transporter storage.

Connected Data is a California-based, privately funded enterprise. Consisting of some of the same engineers who worked on Drobo storage as well as the BlueArc Silicon Server, their accomplishments and contributions to the IT industry cannot be denied.


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