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Dakota Cloud Recovery Strengthens Services With New Partnership

Dakota Cloud Recovery, based out of Rapid City, South Dakota, is best known for providing cloud-oriented data protection services for small and medium-sized enterprises within the western region of the United States. In an effort to expand their market reach and gain a stronger foothold in the industry, Dakota Cloud Recovery has recently announced a new partnership with The Pinnacle Group, a popular provider and reseller of various IT services.

The joint venture is expected to be extremely beneficial to both parties. While Dakota Cloud Recovery will enjoy a greater reach with customers from all around the nation, including the potential for larger enterprises and organizations, The Pinnacle Group will have the benefit of offering data protection services that have already been tested and proven.

Moreover, The Pinnacle Group will also see an increase in profitability through Dakota Cloud Recovery's existing customer base of nearly 2,000, many of which have expressed their satisfaction with the current line of recovery services. A representative with Dakota Craft, Inc., a long-time customer of Dakota Cloud Recovery, was quoted as saying: "Recently, an enterprise-critical server suffered registry corruption and failed to re-boot during scheduled maintenance. The registry files were successfully restored from the Dakota Cloud and a complete bare-metal system recovery proved unnecessary. Dakota Cloud Recovery was helpful during the entire situation and was prepared to assist in the rebuild, had that become a necessity."

Specifically, the partnership is meant to facilitate access to three different types of cloud-based managed services. This includes cloud data protection solutions such as data backup, retention and recovery, rapid cloud recovery in the form of high-performance data restoration from cloud and local servers and, finally, managed services aimed at minimizing downtime and supporting various service level agreements.

Michael Fedele, The Pinnacle Group's current president, spoke excitedly about the new partnership and the opportunities it presents. He was quoted as saying: "We are delighted to partner with Dakota Cloud Recovery to meet customers’ growing demand for Cloud Data Protection. With more than 10 years of experience and 1,500+ customers, Dakota’s NetApp-based enterprise cloud is well-suited for our customers."

Casey Parker, president with Dakota Cloud Recovery, was also enthusiastic about the new venture. He was quoted in the initial press release as saying: "The Pinnacle Group has been a trusted provider of total IT solutions. We are pleased to bring our enterprise-class cloud solutions along with their innovative affordable managed-services to our joint customers."

Dakota Cloud Services has been operating in the IT industry for over a decade now. Having provided services for the likes of Colorado State University, Meade School District 46-1, Evergreen Management Services, Inc. and more, the team at Dakota Cloud Services is on their way to making a huge presence in the IT sector. The new partnership with The Pinnacle Group will certainly serve as a catalyst for the future productivity and profitability of Dakota Cloud Services. For more information about Dakota Cloud Services, including details on their current product offerings, customer data or partnership information, please visit their website at


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