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Are Data Recovery Companies Protecting Your Data?

If your hard drive has failed mechanically then the best chance you have of getting your data back is sending it off to recovery professionals. Here your drive can be opened up in clean rooms, away from dangerous airborne particles (the platters inside the drive are very delicate), and your data can hopefully be taken off the drive.
However, there is a risk in sending off your hard drives. If your hard drive contains sensitive information, like financial accounts or customer information, then you need to be careful when handing the drive over to another company. Although it would be nice to think that they are all morally correct and wouldn’t consider compromising or stealing your data, it sadly does happen.
It is highly important to check out the data recovery company you want to use. A lot of the time companies will want to get their data back as quickly as possible and at the cheapest cost. The fact of the matter is that good data recovery will not come at a cheap price. It is an expensive process and one that should not be rushed. Michael Hall, chief information security officer for DriveSavers, said that most companies just base their criteria on speed. “They don’t even bring into the security aspect associated with speed” he says, which is “a bad way of going about things”.
Although Hall works for a data recovery company that is government approved, he has noted that very few customers have asked to vet the business. Many businesses will investigate the security of companies offering disaster recovery, but not so much for data recovery. As the first time you data recover is the best chance you have, it is important that the information you are handing over is in the hands of, in Hall’s words, someone who is “completely competent, qualified, safe and secure”.
The problem is that a lot of businesses see data recovery security as a non-issue, but it can be something that is totally compromising. Data recovery is not an issue that some businesses will think out beforehand. Although their security manuals may outline how to store or manage data securely, recovery is not usually a procedure that is planned for in smaller organisations.
There is no precise formula when it comes to deciding on a data recovery company. You should be wary of data recovery companies that offer a set price for their services. Data recovery procedures will vary from drive to drive. Also, a reputable service will only charge the full cost if they actually manage to recover the data. A small fee for the attempt is fair, but if you do not get the service you expected then you should not have to pay the whole sum.
You should also seek out customer reviews. Simply search the company online and see if there are testimonials. Those listed on the company’s website are going to be in their favour, so seek out a wide selection. Also, ask friends if they have had any experience. If possible, choose a company that is located nearby you so that you can check out their premises.
Data security is a serious issue and, should your drive break down, you need to choose a data recovery company that is going to take privacy seriously. Make sure you choose a company that has full credentials and a good reputation – do not just pick a company that offers low price and quick turnaround.


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