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Acer Servers Hacked – For The Second Time This Year

Acer has had its share of problems with ransomware in 2021 and even farther in the past.

11 / 04 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Ransomware Hits Three Wastewater Treatment Facilities in U.S.

Three wastewater treatment facilities in the U.S. are amongst the latest victims of ransomware.

11 / 01 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Microsoft Azure Users Threatened by a Series of Exploits Dubbed OMIGOD

The OMIGOD exploit targets users of Microsoft Azure and certain Linux installations.

10 / 04 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

How Microsoft is Doing Away With Passwords

Microsoft is embracing alternative methods of account authentication, but are their users following suit?

10 / 02 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

How a Ransomware Attack Left the U.S. East Coast Without Oil for Five Days

A major supplier of U.S. oil was recently hit with ransomware, affecting oil costs and availability throughout the eastern U.S.

09 / 22 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

New Attack Puts Microsoft Exchange Servers At Risk

A new string of attacks is targeting MS Exchange Server as of mid-August 2021.

09 / 03 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

Arcserve Report Highlights Weaknesses in Data Recovery

Arcserve's recent report highlights some struggling areas when it comes to data protection and recovery in the U.S.

07 / 13 / 2021 J.R. Johnivan

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