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Introducing D&H Distributing's Own Backup and Disaster Recovery

Based out of Harrisburg, PA, D&H Distributing is an employee-owned distributor with a storied past. Originally founded as a small tire retreading company in 1918, the organization adapted and evolved with the times, eventually becoming an industry leader in IT distribution. While they might not be the most recognizable name in IT, their recent efforts, including the rollout of a proprietary backup and disaster recovery initiative, is proof that they are still a major player within IT distribution.

The announcement came in mid-July 2014; right after the company pioneered an aggressive campaign to further develop resources for use in their reseller partnerships. Not only have they increased accessibility to hardware storage solutions and antivirus software, but they've also expanded their educational resources in order to accommodate a growing K-12 education sector. In fact, their newly enlarged portfolio now includes low-priced hardware, remote-based training programs and ongoing technical support for K-12 markets.

Another primary selling point of D&H's new backup and disaster recovery services is the timing of the announcement. Released approximately one year before Microsoft Server 2003's expiration date of July 2015, and directly after official supported ended for Windows XP, D&H is expected to offer service and security continuity for those who haven't yet upgraded. Moreover, D&H's backup and disaster recovery solutions were crafted in tandem with new HIPAA standards. This alone could potentially save D&H's customers millions of dollars in the wake of a HIPAA audit.

D&H Distributing senior vice president of sales, Jeff Davis, recently explained the purpose of his company's new initiative. "We're trying to instill the value of disaster recovery as a crucial long-term investment. A secure disaster management plan will allow companies to safeguard essential customer data -- and, in turn, their own businesses. This is not just an intelligent way to conduct themselves on an everyday basis, it's simple self-preservation. It could make the difference between a company surviving or closing down in the wake of an adverse event."

Jon Allen, owner of Proponent IT and a business partner of D&H Distributing, stressed the importance of IT backup and disaster recovery. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: "Clients often dismiss the importance of disaster recovery, and it often gets scrapped as a cost that is easy to cut. However, it's important for clients to get ahead of a disaster and be proactive instead of reactive. It's important for Proponent IT to make sure its clients look into disaster recovery solutions, especially with the new compliance regulations around HIPAA, because it can mean the difference between spending a few dollars now to back up their data or possibly pay millions in a HIPAA audit."

To familiarize their current customer base with the caveats and features of their new backup and disaster recovery services, D&H hosted a webinar in late July 2014. If you want to find out more information about D&H Distributing, including their new backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can visit their website at Here you can browse their current offerings, speak with a company representative and much more.


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