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DriveSavers Teams Up with Dell ProSupport

DriveSavers, an enterprise headquartered in California, has played a part in the IT industry ever since the mid-1980s. Now considered one of the global leaders in data recovery and data forensics services, the team with DriveSavers has certainly earned their reputation through industry dedication, superior customer service and the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving market. Just in case this wasn't enough to solidify their place in the industry, however, DriveSavers recently bolstered their industry presence through a brand new venture in conjunction with Dell ProSupport.

The announcement, which came in early February 2015, places DriveSavers in a position to provide dedicated customer support to Dell customers that are in need of the advanced services they have to offer. Such services include data recovery, eDiscovery, digital forensics, industry compliance and a suite of complementary services.

Scott Moyer, president of DriveSavers, was enthusiastic about the recent partnership. He was quoted in the initial press release as saying: “DriveSavers is honored to be part of Dell’s Collaborative Support Program. Our referral partnership with Dell began many years ago. This latest collaboration demonstrates once again that Dell has customers’ best interests in mind as they continue to vet and recommend DriveSavers data recovery, eDiscovery and digital forensic services.”

Likewise, Chris Bross, who serves as DriverSavers' current chief technology officer, or CTO, was also quoted as saying: "The longevity of our partnership with Dell is due in part to our ever-evolving R&D in pioneering recovery processes for PowerEdge, PowerVault, EqualLogic and Compellent systems. This latest enhancement in the ProSupport Collaborative Support Program reinforces our continued commitment to provide the best in customer care.”

The new partnership between Dell and DriveSavers came to fruition via Dell's Collaborative Support Program, also referred to as CSP, which is meant to strengthen their own customer service by linking customers with third-party providers of advanced technical services. DriveSavers' own expertise in the areas of data recovery, eDiscovery and data forensics makes them the ideal candidate for the program. As such, officials with Dell wasted no time in securing DriveSavers as a part of their newest venture.

Furthermore, DriveSavers also specializes in industry compliance, including compliance with HIPAA data security and privacy protocol, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Data-at-Rest Mandate (DAR) and more. Perhaps even more importantly, DriveSavers is currently the only organization to post company-wide SOC 2 Type II audit statistics on an annual basis, thereby offering a level of transparency that is unprecedented in the industry to date.

To find out more information about DriveSavers, interested parties can visit their website at, where you can benefit from hands-on support in a variety of data recovery, security and eDiscovery services. Information regarding partnership programs and available opportunities are also listed there. For emergency support, or just to talk with a live representative, DriveSavers can also be contacted at 1-800-440-1904.

For more information about Dell, including information on their recently launched Collaborative Support Program, you can visit their website at Alternatively, a Dell customer service representative can be reached at 1-800-456-3355.


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