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How DriveSavers Supports and Protects Online Education

The team at DriveSavers Data Recovery is no strangers to the field of digital data restoration. Having been in operation since 1985, the IT professionals with DriveSavers are capable of recovering nearly any file type from all types of data storage media. Their services have been used by the likes of Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Universal Studios and more, so it should come as no surprise that they are now lending their expertise to the world of online academia.

In fact, DriveSavers is credited as the first company to facilitate the successful recovery of data from a digital camera, and they've completed more than 50,000 recovery projects since their inception. Moreover, DriveSavers is commonly recommended by IT manufacturers when it comes to data restoration from a damaged or failing storage medium.

Having recently announced a partnership with KelbyOne, an online learning resource for creative professionals, DriveSavers now offers their data recovery services to approximately 250,000 members that make up the online-based student body at KelbyOne. Not only does the ease the burden of online data protection on behalf of KelbyOne, but it is also expected to free up valuable resources that can be used to further the academic services available through their website.

KelbyOne's director of marketing, Krista Smith Rosado, illustrated the importance of protecting the data of members who use KelbyOne's online academic services. "The nature of our members' businesses and hobbies make it crucial to have a support system to go to when literally all else fails. Their files, be it photos, design docs, business support files, are their livelihood and valuable assets. Partnering with DriveSavers as a reliable source for data recovery service gives our members the comfort and peace of mind that their work is protected in any event."

In light of the newly announced joint venture, DriveSavers will provide their data recovery services to KelbyOne members at a discounted rate while still maintaining the level of customer service and technical support that they've demonstrated since the 1980s. While DriveSavers has a proven track record of success when it comes to restoring digital photographs, they have worked with all file types and storage mediums throughout the years.

DriveSavers' senior enterprise recovery engineer, Chris Bross, offered his opinion on the matter of data loss and how it could affect a member of KelbyOne's online services. “It's frightening to think about, but a photographer's career could be jeopardized if they experience data loss. Every photographer should be aware of how to properly handle flash memory cards and prevent the loss of precious and valuable photographs.”

KelbyOne provides a wide variety of online classes most of which center around digital photography, graphic design, filmmaking, audiography and many other creative professions. Boasting approximately 250,000 current members, with more signing up for online courses every single day, KelbyOne is quickly positioning themselves as one of the industry's frontrunners in online education within the 21st century. The recent partnership with DriveSavers is only expected to garner increased interest in the program as students now know they can keep their work safe and secure through KelbyOne's online learning portal.


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