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Using DroidKit to Recover Lost Data

With so many consumers dependent on their smartphones, particularly the Android platform, it stands to reason that at least some of these users have experienced unexpected data loss at some time or another. This could be through no fault of your own – even the most advanced and resilient electronic devices have a life expectancy. But it could also be through misuse or abuse.

Regardless of the scenario, Android users don't have nearly as many options as desktop users with Windows as their operating system. As such, it can be difficult to find a comprehensive data recovery platform for your Android phone.

Introducing DroidKit

Touted as a "complete Android phone solution," DroidKit is designed by the team at iMobile. The full toolkit software package has a manufacturer's suggested retail price right around $240, but it's regularly on sale for much less. Additionally, there are alternative versions that focus on specific tasks – like unlocking your screen, extracting data, or fixing an inaccessible system – that are available at much lower prices.

With the full DroidKit suite of tools, however, users will benefit from the entire range of Android-specific features. This includes simple data recovery, screen unlocking, system repair, system clean, system reinstall, data extraction, and FRP bypass. All of these features are available for individual purchases, too.

There is also a free download available, which gives you the ability to test out the abilities of DroidKit for yourself. It's important to note that a PC or laptop is required, but their software does support both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Looking at the Core Features

DroidKit is built around several core features. Depending on your knowledge of the Android platform and its software, you might already be familiar with some of these systems.

• NO-DATA-LOSS: This technology uses multiple simultaneous processes to scan every individual file on your Android device. From there, it uses highly advanced algorithms to identify and restore lost data.

• SafeView: This gives you the ability to preview content in Google backups before restoring them back to your Android device, ultimately giving you added security and protection from spyware, malware, and viruses.

• Flash-Extraction: This technology uses multiple channels to process data, ultimately increasing the data extraction process by 2x when compared to their competitors.

• X-Unlock: DroidKit relies on X-Unlock technology to view your system parameters and remove a variety of screen locking mechanisms, including PIN, passwords, fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern, and more.

• PowerFix: Use this to restore system access when your phone is corrupted or otherwise inaccessible.

• SmartFlasher: Finally, DroidKit's SmartFlasher technology simplifies the process of ROM flashing for novice users. The step-by-step guide is incredibly user-friendly and simple enough for nearly anyone to follow.

With a solid set of fundamental features available either as a comprehensive package or as individual applications, iMobile's DroidKit provides a straightforward and user-friendly solution to data recovery on the Android phone. It's various pricing tiers make it affordable for nearly any budget, and the free downloadable trial lets you give the software a test run before committing to a purchase.


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