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DTI Expands Services with NAS RAID Recovery Utilities

Despite their relatively low-key profile, DTI Data has been in the data recovery game for well over a decade. With their headquarters located in South Pasadena, FL, and with an additional clean room in New York City, the company has certainly had a significant impact on the east coast of the United States. While the company offers a variety of services, including various software utilities and apps, their primary focus is the business of data recovery and server virtualization.

In an effort to expand on their recovery-focused service offerings, DTI Data has recently developed a comprehensive line of data recovery tools meant specifically for NAS RAID systems. As stated in a recent press release, the team with DTI Data has invested years in researching, programming and pioneering these tools. Moreover, their team is constantly working to provide updates and upgrades to these tools as necessary.

According to a recent press release, DTI Data has: "Developed a set of tools that address even the most complex of recovery situations for your NAS device. Since there are proprietary file systems, operating systems, RAID technologies that must be addressed it is important that the software and hardware tools used for recovery are the most up to date and reliable. DTI Data has its own research staff that is constantly updating and tweaking their data recovery toolset to ensure that any NAS technology can be addressed in a clear, concise, and expeditious manner."

How DTI Data's Tools Are Being Used

While DTI Data is hesitant to go into specific details about these tools and utilities, you can rest assured that they are being put to good use. After all, DTI Data has already recovered data on behalf of some very well known individuals and celebrities, including actor Harry Lenix, reggae singer Shaggy, basketball player Matt Geiger and football star Mike Alstott, just to name a few.

Apart from celebrities, DTI Data has also partnered with some of the biggest names in the IT world. Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, IBM, Cisco, Honda, Bank of America and American Express have all worked with DTI Data in the past. DTI Data has even partnered with all branches of the United States Armed Forces on various IT projects and initiatives.

DTI Data does provide free consultation and free price quotes for those who are interested. Apart from their customized services, DTI Data also offers a plethora of paid software options.

About DTI Data

Highly regarded as an industry leader in data recovery and restoration, DTI Data is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Originally founded in 2000, the team has consistently grown and adapted in order to meet the new challenges and innovations seen throughout the IT industry.

For more information on DTI Data, including details on any of their data recovery solutions, please visit their official website at Alternately, interested parties can also contact a customer service representative via email at or telephone at 866-438-6932. DTI Data also maintains a presence on all of the popular social media networks.


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