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FlexITy To Utilize Asigra for Cloud Backup and Recovery

As a provider of IT solutions, cloud computing and managed services throughout a variety of industries, FlexITy Solutions understands the importance of data protection. As such, it should come as no surprise that they’ve recently decided to call upon Asigra Cloud Backup as their platform for backup and recovery services.

Seeing as how Asigra has been provided services in data recovery and restoration since 1986, the new partnership should prove highly beneficial for FlexITy. As a leading IT service provider in Canada as well as one of the country’s fastest-growing IT companies, FlexITy is setting a pace to cement themselves as a household name throughout Canada.

A multitude of factors were considered before FlexITy decided on Asigra. First and foremost was NIST FIPS 140-2 certification, which is typically seen in finance and healthcare sectors. Moreover, the fact that Asigra already provides services in many industries and markets that operate under stringent regulations made them a frontrunner from the start.

Other factors were considered as well. The agentless architecture of Asigra Cloud Backup provides the ideal platform for FlexITy’s purpose, which is to take advantage of their existing network infrastructure to perform remote backups of operating systems, files and programs. Asigra’s converged data consolidation methodology, which includes protection of physical, virtualized, mobile and cloud-based data, was another driving factor in FlexITy’s decision.

Some of FlexITy’s leading executives, including Peter Stavropoulos, the company’s president and CEO, spoke excitedly about the new partnership. Stavropoulos himself was quoted as saying: “Asigra’s innovations can be seen in the company’s application, collaborative partner ecosystem and patented Recovery License Model, positioning the company well in the lucrative data protection market.”

John Pigatsiotopoulos, vice president of sales with FlexITy, explained the attraction between his company and Asigra. He was quoted as saying: “While features and functionality are important for customers today, pricing is also a sensitive issue. Asigra has enhanced the value proposition of data protection in several ways that heighten its appeal. Combined with decades of experience, Asigra provides an unbeatable software solution that offers customers the recovery assurance they are looking for.”

Finally, Eran Farajun, executive vice president with Asigra, shared the excitement of his new partners by saying: “The transition from on-premise data protection to the cloud is taking place now and IT service providers recognizing this will take an early lead in capitalizing on the opportunity. FlexITy has a successful history in managed services and with Asigra Cloud Backup will expand its role in better serving Canadian organizations today and in the future.”

To gain further insight into FlexITy Solutions, please visit their official website at Here you’ll find an overview of the solutions and managed services they provide, information regarding their current staff members, career opportunities and more.

For more information regarding Asigra, including details on their Asigra Cloud Backup or any of their other IT solutions, please visit their own website at


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