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Free Drive Evaluation for Recent Tornado Victims is one of the most popular hard drive recovery services across the globe. The firm has announced that they are offering free hard drive evaluations and a 20 percent discount for those who suffered from the tornadoes that damaged Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Arkansas recently.

The storms were extremely damaged and caused fatalities, along with damage to many homes and businesses throughout the areas.

“Many businesses are struggling to get their computer systems back up and running, and these first few days are crucial. Lost computer files can make an enormous difference for some companies,” said Ben Carmitchel, President of

Natural disasters can have hugely negative consequences on a hard drive. The mechanical components within the drive are very sensitive and they can get damaged through vibrations, let alone a fire or flood. Storm water can leak into a drive and, over time, it will begin to further corrode the drive, damaging your data; potentially destroying the whole drive. recommends that you take immediate action if your drive has been damaged in any way. The sooner you treat the damage then the better chance you have of a successful recovery.

“In addition to physical damage, we often see damage from electrical shocks, flooding, and fires following major natural disasters,” said Carmitchel. “Because the damage can get worse over time, we recommend getting assistance right away.”

It is highly recommended that your drive is handled by professionals after it has been physically damaged. Everything inside is very delicate and it is essential that the drive is inspected by those who are trained in the craft of data recovery. Even opening the drive up in a normal room will expose it to all the dust particles in the air, and even these are enough to cause data loss.

Companies like will use a Class 100 clean room, which means that the room has a limited number of airborne particles. They will then do their best to remove any source of contamination, like water or dirt, before providing a report on what data can be recovered. Should the results from this report be suitable, users can then decide to go ahead with the full recovery process. This typically takes a few days.

For those tornado victims, the initial hard drive evaluation will be entirely free as a sign of good will. Should these users then get their data recovered, they will also be offered free shipping and a discount on the recovery cost.

“We're trying to help in any way we can,” said Carmitchel. “We can recover data from most hard drives, even when they've sustained serious damage. However, it's very important to get the damaged hard disk to a reputable data recovery provider as quickly as possible.”

More information on in general, along with this specific tornado offer, can be found on their official website. Of course, other providers are available, so be sure to hunt around to ensure that you’re getting the best service and price you can.


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