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How to Undelete Text Messages

Texts messages are often things people look over when it comes to backing up the data on their phone. Some smartphones don’t have an inbuilt option to back up your messages and require you to download third party apps. If you have accidentally deleted some text messages from your smartphone and you want to get them back then all may not be lost. Although it isn’t a guaranteed procedure, this guide will talk you through the steps that offer you the best chance of getting your messages back.
One good method is to use on iPhones is Wondershare Dr.Fone, available on both Mac and PC. This is a paid piece of software, but it comes with a free trial version that will let you see if it’s going to be successful.
There are two ways to tackle the problem of deleted messages. The first is if the data has been deleted recently or if the iOS has become inaccessible. Let’s take a look at this to begin with. Load up Wondershare and connect your iPhone to the computer. The initial page that you’ll see will depend on what version of the iPhone you have. iPhone 4/3GS users will need to download a plugin and set their device into scanning mode. The program will talk you through how to do this with diagrams, so don’t worry. iPhone 5/4S users just need to click ‘Start scan’ to begin.
The program will now begin scanning your device, not only for messages, but also for things like photos, call history and notes. All the data that the program has found will be sorted into categories, so click ‘Messages’ to see all the text messages that have been discovered. From here, use the slider at the top to display only deleted messages. Simply mark the messages you want and then click ‘Recover’ to save them to your computer.
There’s a second method to go about recovering undeleted text messages. This is more suitable if the data has been deleted for a long time. The longer you leave it to try and recover your data from the device (as in the first method), then the less of a chance you have. If you’ve been syncing your device to iTunes then you will hopefully have the backup files stored on your computer. On Wondershare, click ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’. Select your backup file from the list and then click ‘Start scan’. Again, as above, your data will be sorted into categories. From here you can restore your messages.
An Android version of the software is also available from Wondershare. This works in much the same way as the iPhone version and supports a variety of different Android manufacturers. All rooted Samsung devices are supported, regardless of what Android OS they use. A free trial is available and it also supports recovery of photos, contacts and documents as well as messages. All recovered messages can be exported in both HTML and XML formats to your computer, making them easier to read through.


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