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How Important is Dedicated Support for Recovery?

There’s no two ways about it: data recovery is a pain. Having a plan in place so that you can handle it quickly and efficiently can take away the stress, but it’s never nice being faced with data loss.

When first implementing your recovery plan, you need to consider whether you wish to have dedicated support or use someone from your team. There are a number of pros and cons to each choice, so let’s explore them.

If you’ve already outsourced your recovery plan to another company then it is very likely that they’ll be providing dedicated support. If not, you might want to reconsider the type of service that you’re paying for and whether you’d be better off elsewhere. Around-the-clock support should be paramount; your data is important and if it goes down then you’re going to need it back, no matter what day it is, no matter the time.

If you have your own recovery plan then you can either choose to outsource the support or use someone from within your team.

Using someone from your own team is great if you already have a strong IT department. It means that you don’t have to go to the extra costs of hiring someone else and can simply add data recovery to the team’s responsibilities. This may come attached with a wage increase, but that’s not going to be as expensive as hiring someone solely for the job.

There are problems with this approach, however. The first is that, unless you have IT staff working around the clock, there won’t always be someone on hand to deal with the recovery. You could always pay staff overtime to sort out issues, but this could cause a number of issues, not least financial or morale. Additionally, you won’t have to continuingly train your staff on the latest recovery issues.

This is why a lot of companies choose to contract out their recovery support to another company. These companies are dedicated to recovery, have the infrastructure in place to deal with it and will be up-to-date on their knowledge. You set up a contract and they will deal with the rest should the need for recovery strike. These companies will have someone on-hand around the clock, meaning that recovery can be sorted at any time, even in the middle of the night.

You might find that it is actually more cost effective to pay a company to handle your support rather than doing it in-house. Using your own employees will also mean that you have to have the facilities in place to handle the support, which a lot of small to medium sized companies may not.

When looking to choose a dedicated recovery company, you may wish to pick a reputable business that is located near you. This means that recovery can be handled quickly, rather than having to drive hundreds of miles to get to the recovery centre. However, the number one factor to always bear in mind is the quality of the service.


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