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Introducing Genius Rescue

We all know the value of backing up our data. Right? If you don’t, then chances are you’ve never suffered data loss. Many people often think that data loss won’t happen to them and there’s no point backing up their data – but it’s inevitable and you need to be prepared.

There’s many different companies out there with their own utilities to help you backup your data. Some of these will perform local backups, while others will move your data to the cloud for off-site backup. A new program has launched with falls into the latter bracket by the name of Genius Rescue.

Genius Rescue is a small, lightweight program that runs in the background of your system to automatically backup your important data, like your documents, photos, videos, and music. All of this is backed up to their secure cloud servers, allowing you to not only access your data from wherever you are in the world using their online web portal (much like you would with Google Drive or Dropbox), but also restore it with ease too.

The ‘Genius’ namesake comes from the fact that, once installed, the program will begin to automatically backup the folders that you access the most. For many, this will include folders like Desktop, Photos, Videos and Documents. However, you can also manually select which folders you wish to backup if you want something more encompassing. There’s no restriction on what type of file you can backup.

Security should always be a top concern when it comes to storing your data, especially when in the cloud on someone else’s server, which is why Genius Rescue makes uses of AWS 256 encryption when uploading and downloading.

The program will allow you to sync multiple computers, ensuring that all of your devices are constantly up-to-date with one another. This data is also backed up to multiple servers to ensure that it’s always backed up and secure.

You can also keep up to 30 versions of one file backed up, meaning that if you overwrite a file or make an unwanted change that you can easily revert it. Deleted files are also kept for 30 days, meaning you can quickly revert a decision if needs be.

The program itself has a simple and clean interface, making it a breeze to select what folders you want to backup, along with being able to see at a glance which devices you have connected and how much of your data has been backed up.

There are three pricing plans on offer, each offering varying elements and progressing from $14.95, $29 and $49 per month. However, all offer unlimited bandwidth, no speed limits, 24 hour response time support, and terabytes of backup allowance. If you buy and decide the product isn’t for you, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Currently, Genius Rescue has over a thousand clients, a number which continues to grow by the day. If you’re looking for more information or to subscribe, be sure to check out the official website.


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