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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Introduction to Axcient

Like all good business ideas, Axcient came from its founder coming across a real life problem.

“I wasn’t setting out to start a company. I was setting out to solve a problem. It came out of a need I’d actually had myself when I was at my last company. My laptop failed. I lost data. We were using Symantec products, and they failed to restore, and I realized that we had a false sense of security around our data being protected,” says Justin Moore, the CEO and founder of Axcient.

That problem became even clearer when, months after that data loss, Moore’s law firm had an Exchange server fail and everything was down for two days. Then, while at a doctor’s office, Moore witnessed the patient record system go down. It was then that he realised that this was a problem that affected all different types of businesses, especially small ones that didn’t have the proper infrastructure to protect themselves from data loss.

Research has shown that US businesses lose $26.5 billion a year due to IT downtime. Small businesses can suffer a minimum of $12,500 a day if their core IT systems are down. That’s a huge loss and it makes sense to protect against it.

Enter Axcient. It is a cloud platform and recovery-as-a-service that was built with business continuity in mind. Axcient creates a fully deduplicated mirror of your business locally and in the cloud, meaning that you can easily access and recover all your data. Axcient has everything in one, meaning that you can create a centralised system that is tailored to your business. You can even be covered if you have custom applications, as well as SQL or Exchange servers.

Axcient will automatically detect all devices on your network and suggest protection for physical, virtual servers, plus laptops and workstations. Should you need to recover, you can do it from local or the cloud. If all your equipment fails, Axcient enables you to virtualise your entire IT environment into the cloud within minutes. Power outages, fires and accidents, natural disasters, server failures, sabotage and viruses… all things that using Axcient will protect you from.

“We’re seeing our vision realized, which is providing a cloud platform that displaces the antiquated legacy enterprise technologies around backup, business continuity, archiving, and disaster recovery, and all of the complicated technologies around them. We’re replacing them all with a new model of protecting information and IT infrastructures called Recovery-as-a-Service, which is a single cloud platform that does it all. We have about 3,500 businesses using the Axcient platform,” says Moore.

Axcient is available in three pricing plans: Pro, Business and Enterprise. Pro costs $49 per server/month and includes file and folder backup, onsite and cloud backup and Windows, Mac and Linux support. Business costs $99 per server/month and also includes image backup, bare metal restore and virtual server protection. Finally, Enterprise costs $149 per server/month and offers instant failover onsite and in the cloud, around the clock critical phone support and office continuity.


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