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IP Telecom Selects Oracle Zero Data Lost Recovery Appliance

IP Telecom, one of the biggest names in the entire telecommunications industry to date, has recently selected Oracle's Zero Data Lost Recovery Appliance to ramp up their own efforts in data protection, availability and end-to-end management. As Oracle already has a reputation of their own within the IT industry, this just might be a match made in heaven.

Limited Options and a Brand New Relationship

While it may come as some surprise, especially consider the high-profile of both IP Telecom and Oracle, but this the first time these companies have worked together in a project of this scope and magnitude. If it proves to be successful then it almost certainly won't be the last.

The choice to go with the Oracle Zero Data Lost Recovery Appliance wasn't entirely their choice. As it stands, Oracle's product is currently the only solution on the market that offers the exact type of services that IP Telecom was hoping to bring to its customers. However, just because it was the only choice doesn't mean that the decision was taken lightly.

Rui Ribeiro, general manager with IP Telecom, spoke about their initial endeavor with the prominent industry figurehead by saying: "This first joint offer with Oracle means that we provide an unparalleled level of data protection to our Cloud national market customers. For us, the information of all our customers is critical, so we seek to create value-added and reliable offerings, ensuring that our customers focus only on their business, because they know that their data is safe and available with our Solutions."

Simply put, IP Telecom's customers will see a significant reduction in backup bottlenecks across servers and networks alike, thereby streamlining the entire operation and shrinking the amount of time it takes to complete a full backup. Moreover, recovery appliances that use the architecture will benefit from the ability to oversee and manage data protection on behalf of thousands of different databases. This drives costs even lower while simultaneously improving the overall efficiency and effictiveness of your entire data backup plan.

Hugo Abreu, county manager with Oracle Portugal, shared Ribeiro's sentiments while touting the enhanced service that will benefit IP Telecom customers. He was quoted as saying: "Existing data protection solutions fail to meet the demands of critical databases because they treat databases as simply files to copy rather than as transactional systems with specific data integrity, performance, and availability requirements."

Abreu continued: ''"With traditional backup solutions, business data is lost, end users and customers are impacted, and deployment and management are complex and fragmented. Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance tightly integrates advanced data protection technologies with Oracle Database to address these challenges head-on, enabling IP Telecom to offer its clients an efficient and effective protection and recovery service for one of their greatest asset: data."''

To find out more about IP Telecom, including the services and solutions they're currently offering their customers, please visit their official site at For more details about Oracle, head over to their website at


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