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How Kroll Ontrack Is Revolutionizing the Data Erasure Process

While some may be under the impression that their data is inaccessible after deletion, some files may still be recoverable by prying eyes, malicious computer users and would-be identity thieves. In fact, removing all traces of a file from a hard drive is anything but a straightforward process. That’s exactly where the team with Kroll Ontrack enters the picture. Offering a comprehensive Hosted Erase platform, Kroll Ontrack is able to ease any concerns of deleted data while eliminating any lingering remnants of sensitive corporate or customer information.

Todd Johnson, vice president with data recovery operations at Kroll Ontrack, spoke about the complexities of data erasure and management in the 21st century. He was quoted as saying: “Data erasure is critical to sound data management, but it is one of many solutions and processes for IT to manage. Whether carrying out a sanitization project on old devices before recycling, disposing of them or safely removing data before reusing a set of devices, businesses want a secure and certified erasure solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Kroll Ontrack hosted erase does just that. It takes the setup and maintenance burden off of businesses while also ensuring that no trace of company data resides on the devices in question.”

Apart from having the ability to securely delete files from personal computers, mobile devices, laptops and even small-scale server systems, customers of Kroll Ontrack will benefit from a number of other services and features. This includes centralized, web-based management of the entire deletion process, online management of software licenses, a streamlined software installation process, thorough reporting protocol and superior technical support from the experts at Kroll Ontrack.

Launched through the Blancco Management Console, Kroll Ontrack’s proprietary IT asset management software, the company’s brand new hosted erase service is meant to reduce IT infrastructure costs on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises alike. At the time of this writing, Kroll Ontrack is offering their hosted erase solution to businesses and resellers only. The service is available through their various Erase Packs, which provide discounts based on the number of erasures paid for in advance. Their current rates are 25 erasures for a price of $400, 50 erasures for $700 and 100 erasures for $1,200.

About Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack was originally founded in 1985. Currently fulfilling 50,000 data recoveries per year, it’s safe to say that the experts at Kroll Ontrack are familiar with data management, recovery and even erasure. Their portfolio of services includes data destruction, restoration and even e-discovery services, which they’ve provided for customers in a wide range of professional industries and sectors.

To find out more information about Kroll Ontrack, the Blancco Management Console or any of their other IT solutions, please visit their website at Here you’ll find a comprehensive company history, detailed product information, partnership details, a calendar of upcoming events, an online resource library and technical support. Alternately, interested parties can speak with a live representative from Kroll Ontrack by calling 952-516-3781.


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