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An Overview Of Lookout Mobile Security and How It Protects Your Data

This following article will attempt to address the new security threats emerging from increased reliance on personal computing devices such as smartphones. The particular focus will be Lookout mobile security, and exactly what it can offer businesses or personal users.

As businesses increasingly rely on mobile devices, criminals too are choosing to target these well used and often easily lost personal computers.
Lookout mobile has an answer to a problem that has long beleaguered forgetful mobile carriers, whilst also offering software layer recovery too.

To be more specific, lookout mobile offers a 'find my phone' service that is incredibly useful when it goes missing. This, combined with remote installation powers of Google's play store can allow you to protect your phone even when you have already lost it. The lookout 'Plan B' application can be installed remotely onto your device and given the required permissions. It can automatically turn on a device's location services and send you via email its exact location pinpointed on a map. Not only this, but an alarm can also be fired and the device can be ordered to covertly take pictures. Of course, plan B does require your phone to still have battery life in order for it to operate - because of this action should be taken very quickly upon discovering the loss of your device.

If you are a little more prepared, but worried about loss of you device in future, than the regular lookout app should do you just fine. It includes regular cloud backups than can be accessed at any time. It will protect any data you choose and also frequently scan your device for known threats. It will also email you location updates if somebody enters an incorrect pin or password on the phone without the user realising.

One advantage of this is combating new forms of trojans, rootkits and so-called rats. Each of these have their own terrifying abilities that can either render your devices useless or take over the entire thing. Lookout will actively combat these threats to prevent data loss such as bank details or company usernames and passwords. The recovery features also includes contacts which can be very useful if there are vital business details that could be lost in the event of device failure or 'hostile takeover'. Another useful option is that if your mobile device has been rendered entirely useless (either by physical damage or permanent loss) there is a feature to restore all of the backed up data to a new device seemlessly.

All of this is fantastically free but of course for the more advanced features you will be required to purchase the premium version of lookout security. The premium version effectively offers wider backup of the device - including photos for example. NOTE: Do this at your own peril! It is very wise to use a password generator program such as keepass to properly lockdown your lookout account. Remember any personal information stored through this medium is only as strong as your password!


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