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Memory Card Corruption

It is more than likely that your digital camera and mobile phone has a memory card inside of it. Among other devices, they can also be used in video game consoles and MP3 players. These little cards have been around since the 90s and are a form of flash memory data storage. It is possible that the memory card can get corrupted. A lot of the time this is down to human error, so it’s good to know what can cause corruption and how you can fix it should it ever happen to you.
When a memory card becomes corrupted it means that there is damaged data that is stopping it from being read properly. If it’s unreadable then that usually means you will not be able to access whatever is stored on the card. But what causes memory card corruption? One of the main things is interrupting the card when it is performing an action, like when you remove the card while data is still being written or transferred. Similarly, you’ll want to avoid performing any data writing operations when your device has low batteries, since you don’t want it to conk out while the memory card is in use. You should also ensure that you don’t let your memory card get too full, since some may overwrite the headers and cause corruption. These are just some of the causes of memory card corruption, but the main rule of thumb is to not interfere while data is being accessed in any way.
Should you find yourself with a corrupted memory card then you should stop using it instantly to prevent further damage. You might not be able to access your data, but that doesn’t mean it has gone forever. Firstly, try seeing if a recovery program can get your files back. Programs like SanDisk RescuePRO should guide you through the process. Some companies, like Sony, actually offer their own free programs. Whatever you use, make sure that it covers all of the file formats that you stored on your card, whether that is pictures, videos or word documents. If one program doesn’t work then don’t give up hope. Different programs give different results, so try multiple products if needs be.
If you have absolutely no luck with self-recovery then there are companies out there who will try and recover your files for you. This comes with a high price tag, so weigh up whether or not the cost of your data is worth it over buying a new memory card. Consistent backup of your files will ensure that the latter option is your best choice.
If your memory card is fixed but still presents problems then the best bet is to just get a new one, since it’s likely that it will break again. Remember to never interfere with the memory card while data is being written with it. Some people recommend reformatting memory cards every once in a while in order to prolong its life, although this depends on how often you use it.


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