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MobiSaver Offers Recovery Services for Apple's Mobile Technology

EaseUS' MobiSaver Free, an application meant to aide in the recovery and restoration of data from various iOS devices and platforms, is a rather intuitive and comprehensive solution for those who failed to backup their data beforehand. Perhaps even more importantly, and is its name implies, EaseUS MobiSaver Free is yours to use completely free of charge.


As expected, MobiSaver Free works with a variety of Apple products. At the time of this writing, it is compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone 6, 6plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s; the iPad Air 1, 2; the iPad with Retina display; the iPad Mini 1, 2, 3; iPad 2,4; the new iPad and the iPod Touch5. It is fully compatible with iOS 8.

Supported Data

Since it works with a variety of Apple-specific evices, EaseUS' MobiSaver Free has to be compatible with a wide variety of files, too. Data that can potentially be recovered using MobiSaver Free includes text data such as contact information, SMS data, call logs, personal notes, calendar information, Safari bookmarks and reminders, and media data such as digital videos and photos. Media can be restored from the device's iMessage or Camera Roll features.

Recovery Options

MobiSaver Free offers its users three different forms of iOS-specific recovery. This greatly improves your odds of recovering your lost data. The first option lets you recover data directly from an iOS device. It is important to note that this feature will currently only restore your data to a computer, and not to the iOS device itself, but this is really only a small hassle that is easily overcome by syncing your device to your computer after the restoration process is complete. Moreover, the fact that you can recover data to a Mac or Windows machine more than makes up for this minor inconvenience.

The second recovery option lets you restore data lost from an iTunes backup file. To this extent, MobiSaver can be used to preserve and safeguard your iTunes library for years to come.

Finally, MobiSaver Free also gives you the option of recovering data from an iCloud server. This is a feature that isn't seen in many other backup solutions, especially those that are available to consumers for free, and it is a nice option to have in case of a problem with your cloud data.

Once you've chosen an option, there are only three steps left to finalize the restoration process. After connecting your device to a computer for recovery, MobiSaver will begin to scan the device for any lost data. The second step of the process gives you the option to preview any data before going through with the restoration, and the third step allows you to export recovered files into one of the supported formats.

In Conclusion

MobiSaver Free can be downloaded from EaseUS' website, which can be found at Here you'll find a complete rundown of product features, user testimonials and even other products and solutions developed by EaseUS. You'll also be able to receive technical support, view a list of partners and take advantage of various online resources offered by EaseUS.


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