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StorageCraft and NetGear Team Up for ReadyRecover Device

If you are a professional working in the IT sector, or even an IT hobbyist, you've undoubtedly heard of NetGear. An industry leader in computer networking equipment and hardware, their presence is difficult to miss. While their current product line is rather comprehensive, there is a few areas that are lacking; most namely, backup and data recovery. In order to bridge this gap, the professionals with NetGear teamed up with another industry figurehead, StorageCraft, in order to offer a brand new feature to the ReadyData storage platform.

Dubbed ReadyRecover, the backup appliance is meant to capture a complete backup of enterprise servers as well as desktops and laptop PCs as often as every 15 minutes. This ensures a backup that includes the most recent system changes and data. This schedule is highly configurable, letting individual users adjust the timing to meet their exact needs.

Moreover, ReadyRecover is capable of restoring individual files or entire folders from either virtual machines or physical drives, thereby giving you full control over the information you need. The software can even restore system files and database records, including those associated with Microsoft SQL, Exchange or SharePoint servers. Finally, the product also features a customized edition of StorageCraft's own ShadowProtect technology, which is used to streamline the entire backup and restoration process on behalf of its end-users.

Matt Pahnke, senior product marketing manager of storage systems for NetGear, spoke highly of their new portfolio in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: “With ReadyNAS and ReadyData it was natural to include backup software. The resellers in our network would always ask us for recommendations for an all-in-one solution. We looked around and saw StorageCraft and within six months we were working on a backup and recovery appliance together." He continued by saying: "We go through distribution and look at MSPs as part of the overall solution. Breaking out margin is difficult. We have a lot of partners who mark us up at least 10%, and that is on the low end. We coach our partners to sell on value and not on price, because if you sell on price you will lose on price."

Bret Bayley, marketing alliance director and representative for StorageCraft, also spoke highly of the recent partnership. He was quoted as saying: "Costs are tricky and there are a lot of soft costs even with plug and play products to get to that enterprise type storage. For solution providers, simplicity is key because it makes them profitable. The easier it is to install and configure they better it is for them. The ReadyData platform integrates files and systems like a full backup."

The recent partnership, which is expected to benefit small and mid-sized businesses the most, was announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2014. To find out more information about ReadyRecover, including technical specifications, availability, licensing and costs, consumers can visit For information on the services and solutions offered by StorageCraft, consumers can access their website at


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