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Ontrack Data Recovery Named Best of Show at Flash Memory Summit 2019

The Flash Memory Summit is an annual event held in the state of California. Featuring some of the most popular and prominent names in the niches of data storage, data backup, and data recovery, it's the ideal place for technology enthusiasts of all types – from computer software and hardware all the way to military-grade defense applications.

In short, it's a place for industry professionals to meet with consumers and end-users with the purpose of showing off new innovations, holding product demonstrations, and answering questions. However, a large portion of the event revolves around the awards ceremony and one of the largest awards: Best of Show.

Introducing the Best of Show

The Best of Show Award features several categories in and of itself, with the prize of the Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application going to the team with Ontrack and, more specifically, their Erasure Verification Service.

Jay Kramer, chairman of the awards program and president of Network Storage Advisors, Inc., announced the winner by saying: ''"Companies and government agencies are implementing stricter data security policies due to the increase in data breaches, and customers need guarantees that sensitive data and encryption keys are completely erased from storage devices. We are proud to recognize Ontrack's Erasure Verification Service, ensuring that the data sanitization process is effective."''

Data sanitization – or the process of completely erasing a HDD's contents – is performed by personal computer users as well as large-scale corporations and enterprises. It's a critical step when you're moving confidential or otherwise sensitive information from one drive to another – whether you're embracing a new system entirely or just upgrading your outdated hardware.

As a consumer, data sanitization is important when you're recycling old hardware or selling a system that may contain your personal information. Regardless of the scenario, data sanitization helps safeguard your personal information and keep it out of the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

Ontrack's Erasure Verification Service, as its name implies, is an application that lets users verify the removal of such information. It's commonly used by companies and corporations as well as professionals who offer data sanitization services. Even some storage device manufacturers, including Micron, are starting to offer built-in sanitization functionality to make the process even easier.

Mike Burmeister, vice president of global operations with Ontrack, received the award and responded by saying: ''"We're honoured to receive this award at Flash Memory Summit, highlighting our Erasure Verification and Data Recovery services and partnership with NetApp. Our Erasure Verification Service is critical to organisations in industries such as healthcare and finance where data security, privacy, and sanitisation are paramount. Ontrack is a founding member of the International Data Sanitisation Consortium and has provided its Erasure Verification Service for over seven years to some of the world's largest enterprise clients."''

As you can see, Ontrack's Erasure Verification Service provides a valuable service to any company, organization, or individual who wants to protect their confidential information and keep their customers – or their identities – safe. For more information on the solutions Ontrack provides, please visit their official website at


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