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Introducing Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

While the name might not exactly roll off the tongue, the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is already attracting attention throughout the IT industry. In fact, Oracle's current CEO, Mark Hurd, as well as his predecessor, Larry Ellison, both remarked on the lengthy moniker. Nevertheless, the new Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance provides unparalleled data protection for enterprises of all sizes. Perhaps even more importantly, the appliance is capable of expanding to handle future data needs; which experts predict will see a 50x growth by the year 2020.

The newly pioneered system, which is groundbreaking in its own right, virtually negates any amount of data loss through, amongst other protocols, real-time backup directly from the system memory. This allows data to be restored down to the sub-second while continuous incremental backups record data changes as they happen. Combine this with the ability to replicate data through Oracle's Database Backup Cloud Service, and IT officials are able to better protect their systems against data loss, data corruption and even site outages.

Some additional benefits of the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance include the reduction of lengthy backup timelines and a more efficient allocation of system resources. Finally, the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance also allows users to archive data backups directly to tape-based storage, thereby reducing server and database loads. With the ability to run tape-based archival operations both day and night, users will be able to maximize the efficiency and utilization of the tape drives they already have in place.

Moreover, the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance boasts cloud-oriented scalability that can accommodate thousands of separate machines, a vast reduction in backup overhead across the board and the ability to safeguard every single database system within a network. All of these advantages equal less work hours for IT staff members, decreased operational costs and reduced stress within the workplace.

Ashish Ray, vice president of product management with Oracle Database, spoke enthusiastically about the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. He is quoted on Oracle's website as saying: “Our new data protection strategy eliminates a decades-long paradigm that no longer meets enterprise needs. It’s unthinkable that businesses today still lose volumes of critical data between backups. With the Recovery Appliance, data loss exposure is virtually eliminated, as the appliance captures all database changes in real time.” He continued by saying: “The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is designed from the ground up to maximize Oracle Database protection for any environment. It’s a massively scalable solution that can help large organizations centralize database protection with a single logical system.”

Various IT figureheads, including managers and chief information officers, are also given unprecedented visibility when it comes to monitoring and tracking IT operations on a day-to-day basis. Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is capable of maintaining a dashboard on only one console while disseminating the health and status of every database within the system. This data, which is generated in real-time, is available to IT managers on an as-needed basis.


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