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Overview of Flashback Data

Data recovery is serious business. It’s understandable why. Nowadays, nearly all of our lives are on our computer. Important work documents, email conversations, financial spreadsheets, family photos… it’s amazing the amount of reliance we put on our digital data. For such importance, it’s always so surprising the number of people who don’t have a proper backup plan. Without a backup plan, if a disaster strikes then your data is going down the drain.

It isn’t always the case that your data is irrecoverable, however. This is where data recovery comes in. There are two types of hard drive damage, logical and physical, and if your drive is damaged the latter way (perhaps through a natural disaster) then you’ll need to contact a data recovery specialist.

One such specialist is a company called Flashback Data. They pride themselves on getting your data recovered speedily, cost-effectively and with “the best customer service in the industry”. Apparently their turnaround times and prices are less than the industry average, so their first two claims check out.

Whether you’re an individual or business, Flashback Data can cater to your needs. They can recover from desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives, RAID arrays, flash drives and tapes. The great thing is that they’re recognised by all major manufacturers, which means that their recovery doesn’t void your warranty.

Some recovery companies will offer a flat rate to recover your data, but be wary of these. Recovery is a varying process, which is why Flashback Data offers you a free data recovery quote. They will give you a price range that goes from the best to the worst case scenario. The great thing is that if they can’t recover any of your data then they won’t charge a penny.

Of course, security should always be a concern when sending your hard drive off, especially if it contains sensitive information. Flashback Data offer a secure environment that only authorized personnel are allowed to access; all employees are under a non-disclosure agreement. The recovery work is done in their secure lab and only data recovery technicians can access this facility. If you live nearby, and if possible, it might be good to enquire whether you can check the site out to see how secure it really is.

If you go through with using Flashback Data, you can safely send your hard drive off to them and they will attempt data recovery. When they open the drive up they will do this in a Class 10 (ISO Level 4) clean room. This means that there is a reduced number of particles in the air, so that when the hard drive is opened up the delicate hard drive platters will not be damaged by dust particles.

If recovery is successful then your data will be returned to you on a flash drive or external drive (at extra cost). You can provide your own drive too, should you wish.

Check out Flashback Data’s official website if you want further information. There you will also find a phone number and contact form to get your free quote.


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