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Overview of Kroll Ontrack

Data recovery can be an expensive procedure, especially if it involves sending your drive off to recovery professionals. As such, choosing the right company to entrust with your data can be a tricky one. Do you go with the company nearest to you? Perhaps you go with the cheapest? Or is a combination of a variety of factors that make a recovery centre the best choice? This article will explore Kroll Ontrack, a recovery service that has been in operation since 1985.

Kroll Ontrack is able to recover any laptop, desktop, server, network, RAID, mobile or virtual device across all types of files and operating systems. They are able to recover from any causes of data loss and it doesn’t matter whether the data is physical, virtual and cloud. The company call themselves the world’s data recovery expert; it’s certainly a bold claim, but they seem very capable at recovering almost anything.

Having performed over 500,000 data recoveries since its inception, the company is confident in their ability to recover data successfully. Even when you might think that your data is unrecoverable, it’s still worth giving it a shot, especially considering the types of recovery that Kroll Ontrack have performed in the past.

“In the past 25 years, some of the worst cases of data loss Kroll Ontrack has seen have resulted from natural disasters, which include burned, water logged and physically damaged drives,” said Phil Bridge, the managing director of Kroll Ontrack UK. “Despite this, even in extreme situations, Kroll Ontrack has been recovering huge amounts of digital information in our global recovery labs and cleanrooms. For example, one of the company’s most successful endeavours was the recovery of more than 99 percent of mission-critical data from a melted, crashed and burned drive from the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia.”

The firm have 18 state of the art laboratories and ISO-5/Class 100 clean room environments. A clean room is a specially designed area that has reduced particles in the air. Opening your drive in a normal room would risk dust coming into contact with the delicate platters, thus potentially causing further damage. Kroll Ontrack has also achieved SAS 70 Type II certification, which means that the company have been successfully audited for the effectiveness of their facilities.

By visiting the Kroll Ontrack website you will be able to request a free service consultation and quote. Within business hours, a data recovery specialist will contact you within 30 minutes in order to talk everything through with you. If outside business hours, you will receive a call the following business morning. It’s great that Kroll Ontrack provides this service – for those unsure about how data recovery works and the processes involves, this offers a good way to feel comfortable before committing.

If you do send your data to be recovered, you will be able to login to a personal account on the Kroll Ontrack website and view the recovery status in real time. Ongoing progress and details are available and you can also view reports to verify the condition of your recovered data.

Choosing a data recovery company can be hard, but Kroll Ontrack seems like a good choice. If you’re in the market for a recovery company, it’s certainly worth requesting a free quote from Kroll Ontrack and seeing if they’re suitable for you.


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