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Overview of Fonepaw

We carry a lot of our important data around with us at all in times on smartphones and tablets. While many people will back up the data that lives on their computers, it’s often easy to overlook the need to do the same on portable devices. If there isn’t a backup plan in place then it can lead to data loss, in which case there becomes a need to use data recovery software.

FonePaw is a data recovery solution that has been developed with iOS devices specifically in mind. Whether you’ve accidentally lost your files through deletion, jailbreak failure or hardware malfunction, FonePaw claims to be able to recover your data back with ease.

The type of data that you might want to recover includes photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, notes and more. Not only can the program scan your device in an attempt to get these back, but it can also quickly and easily restore backup files from iTunes and iCloud.

FonePaw has an incredibly smooth and easy to use interface. You simply plug your device into your computer via USB, launch the software and then select what type of recovery you want to perform. The program will then begin recovering your files and present to you a full and detailed list of everything it finds.

You can choose to recover everything that the software finds or you can go through the list and pick out the specific data that you need. You can also preview files such as images without recovering them, allowing you to quickly establish what the data is and if it’s of relevance to you.

The program allows you to recover these files to your computer, rather than your device directly. This is because if your device is damaged then recovering directly to the device risks further data loss. Nevertheless, it is simple to transfer the data from the computer to the device if needs be.

If you discover that you’re a victim of data loss then it’s vital that you stop using your iOS device as quickly as possible. Continual usage will mean that more data is being written to the internal drive, thus decreasing your chances of data loss. If Fonepaw is unable to recover the data you’re looking for then the chances are that the data is truly lost and has been overwritten permanently.

A trial version of Fonepaw exists that allows you to scan and preview the data that can be recovered. The registered and paid version will then allow you to recover this data without any limitations. You also get free lifetime upgrades and technical support via email (with a response promised in less than 24 hours). The program normally costs $89.95 for a single license, but it’s currently available at a discounted $69.95. This allows you to recover from up to 6 iOS devices from a single computer.

For more information on FonePaw, along with links on how to trial the software and purchase it, be sure to head to the official website.


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