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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of WeRecoverData

Data recovery is a very serious issue. If any recovery is required then the drive should cease to be used immediately. Any further use of the drive could risk overwriting data that needs to be recovered. If the damage is logical then there is a chance of recovering it through data recovery software that can be downloaded online. If, however, the damage is physical then it’ll need to be sent off to a data recovery company.

There are many companies out there who specialise in data recovery, but it’s vital to always do full research on who you entrust your data with. Don’t just go with the cheapest automatically; if your data is really worth it to you then you need to assess quality primarily. This article will take a look at WeRecoverData.

WeRecoverData call themselves a “world leader” in data recovery services and that they are one of the only companies to invest in recovery research and development. This is a great point, especially for the long term, as it means that the processes to recover data could be shortened and improved, thus leading to getting your data back quicker.

Sending in your storage device will lead it to being evaluated and then a price will be given depending on the type of recovery required. This covers the costs, the time needed to recover the data and an explanation of why the drive failed. A list of files will then be presented to the client so that they can identify the files that need to be critically recovered. The company have a guarantee policy which means that if they cannot recover the data needed then you will not be charged a recovery fee.

Currently, WeRecoverData is helping victims of tornado and storm damage. Iowa, Tennessee, Boston, Detroit and Chicago are just a few of the places that have been recently affected by these environmental disasters. Not only will the data recovery firm provide a free evaluation, but will also provide a 20% discount on their recovery services for storm damage victims.

Environmental disasters can prove severely dangerous for hard drives. This is because hard disk drives have mechanical components inside that are extremely delicate. Even a tiny speck of dust can cause huge amounts of damage, so you can imagine what a drop of water would do, let alone a flood of it. Although drives are sealed tightly, if they are submerged in water then it’s very likely they’ll be damaged.

Standard recovery times can vary depending on the recovery procedure that needs to be undertaken. For example, a standard in-lab recovery typically takes 5-7 business days; in-lab priority weekend recovery takes 1-3 days; onsite emergency recovery on a client’s premises takes 24 hours.

Further information about WeRecoverData can be found on their official website, like client testimonials or contact information to request data recovery. Remember, if you have suffered data loss it is important to act quickly and to cease using the drive, otherwise your chances of successful recovery are minimised.


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