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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of uFlysoft Data Recovery

The need to recover data can happen to the best of us. Even those with backup plans can sometimes find that these have actually failed if they’re not monitoring them properly. Individual users, enterprises, governments and more have all used data recovery facilities at some point. Windows is the most popular computer operating system and searching for recovery software will show that a lot of programs are targeted towards Microsoft’s offering. However, Macs are still as susceptible to data loss as any other system – they use disk drives, after all. As such, this article will explore uFlysoft Data Recovery, a program specifically made for Mac data recovery.

uFlysoft Data Recovery is a tool that will scan your hard drive, or any external device that you cannot, in an attempt to see whether any data can be recovered. The program has a simple and easy to use interface, making data recovery a breeze. It supports a variety of devices (iPods, iPad, Macs, SD cards, etc) and a range of file formats (DOC, JPG, MP3, etc). It’s not as wide a variety as some of the competing products available on the market, like R-Studio, though.

A neat feature of uFlysoft Data Recovery is that it sorts your results into different file types, allowing you to quickly look through and see all the data that has been discovered. All photo files can be previewed before recovery, handy if you’re hunting for specific photos. It’s nice to be able to preview the files beforehand so you don’t waste time recovering extraneous, unneeded files.

One downside of the program is that the file previews are only useful for photos. Any other type of data, like documents, spreadsheets or videos, cannot be previewed. You might not think this is such a problem at first, but consider that sometimes the software will be unable to recover the original file name; perhaps you’re looking for a specific piece of data rather than the whole drive. As such, this lack of preview can make it tricky to hunt down a certain piece of data. It’s certainly not a problem limited to uFlysoft Data Recovery – many competitors suffer the same problems – but it’s still a shame.

uFlysoft offer a tree trial of their product on their official website, where you can also find out additional information about the product. The free trial will let you scan your computer or external drive and it’ll show what data can be recovered. If you want to go ahead and recover the data then you’ll need to buy a full version of the program for $84.95. Frankly, considering the quite limited feature set, that’s a high price to pay. You might want to try out the trial versions of some other programs first to see how successful their data recovery is – each program is different and you may find greater success there. Nevertheless, if uFlysoft is able to recover the data you need then you may feel that the price point is worth it if your data is invaluable.


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