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How Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014 Helps Fight Crime

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014, which is developed by Virginia-based Oxygen Forensics, Inc., is a data access and analysis utility meant for forensic specialists, investigators and other industry experts. Already aiding in the fight against crime, Oxygen Forensic Suite is capable of extracting information from more than 7,800 models of smart phones, cell phones, PDAs and consumer tablet PCs, which makes Oxygen Forensics the current frontrunner on device compatibility within the industry. In case all of this wasn't enough, a recent press release indicates the newest edition of Oxygen Forensic Suite is even capable of reaching encrypted BlackBerry 10 backups and files.

What is Oxygen Forensic Suite?

Considered the flagship product line of the company, Oxygen Forensic Suite has been available for years. The research and development team at Oxygen Forensics has demonstrated their commitment to the product by constantly releasing updates, revisions and brand new applications, and it is considered by many forensic experts to be the industry standard when it comes to mobile data collection and analysis.

Real-World Application

Oxygen Forensic Suite, which is meant strictly for forensic and law enforcement specialists, is a rather innovative and comprehensive application. Not only does it let an investigator collect and analyze data from nearly any consumer cell phone, but it does so without leaving any traces or making any modifications to the phone's data. The concept is known as a zero-footprint operation, and it lets investigators execute their operations without the risk of discovery. The software can even extract information from some encrypted files.

Moreover, the Timeline feature of Oxygen Forensic Suite lets officials organize cell phone data, activity and movement within a self-contained, interactive timeline. This lets law enforcement personnel create a detailed map of a suspect's whereabouts, actions and affiliations. Events can be organized and filtered according to a date, geographical location or by specific contact, allowing investigators to collate large amounts of data into highly relevant facts, figures and statistics.

The software can even perform a globalized search on every single device that has been previously scanned, thereby highlighting common contacts and shared communications between separate phone owners. Such information can easily be transformed into detailed graphs, diagrams or charts, thereby disseminating relationships, friendships and acquaintances in a clear and concise manner. All of this information can later be used when attempting to solve a crime or when presenting facts in a court of law.

Oleg Fedorov, president of Oxygen Forensics, explained the value his software brings to industry professionals. “Reports play a major role in the work of a forensic expert. Key evidence is only available to courts and law enforcement authorities via a report created by the expert. Information that does not make it to the report does not exist as valid evidence. With this release, we are offering an easy way to visualize interactions, common contacts and social connections of the suspect in a report. In addition, we’re opening experts the possibility to look back at any case they solved by keeping all reports conveniently organized in a single location.”


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