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Pivot3 Tackles Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Originally founded in 2003, Pivot3 has always maintained a focus on streamlining shared storage, increasing network efficiency and driving scalability. Named by Forbes Magazine as "One of America's Most Promising Companies" in 2013, they've enjoyed a great deal of success during their relatively short existence. The announcement of their Hyper-Converged Disaster Recovery Appliance (HCDRA), however, is expected to widen their share of the industry spotlight by providing clients access to crucial information and applications via their pay-as-you grow pricing structure.

Based on Pivot3's proprietary Globally Hyper-Converged Infrastructure technology, which has been in use in some form or another since 2008, HCDRAs are able to bolster virtual backup and recovery operations by combining and centralizing storage resources with general computational power. According to their website, HCDRAs give enterprises the chance to focus on their operational outcomes as opposed to long-term disaster recovery planning.

Moreover, HCDRAs take full advantage of another proprietary technology, Pivot3's own Scalar Erasure Coding protocol. Meant to enhance and strengthen storage, Scalar Erasure Coding is capable of achieving 94% of total capacity when used within a 16-node array. This can save customers as much as 25% when compared to some of the more conventional backup options available today.

Andy CK Yoon, CEO and CDIT for Pivot3's Korean-based operations, spoke highly of the new technology, as he was quoted in a recent press release as saying: “Four of our customers have chosen to install their preferred DR software on Pivot3 hyper-converged infrastructure appliances. They chose Pivot3 because of the ease of deployment, the high percentage of total storage capacity available for backup and for the fact that they can perform recovery operations from the same box.”

Mike Dunbar, general manager of the Enterprise Group and global vice president of sales with Pivot3, explained the primary reason for the new technology. In the initial press release he stated: “Our HCI technology’s flexibility has enabled us to develop a backup and disaster recovery platform that is simple-to-deploy and manage with almost any DR software package. With high usable capacity, five-nines availability and a scale-out building block appliance, the Pivot3 solution provides backup and recovery for on-premise backup or disaster recovery site replication for medium- to enterprise-class installations at a very attractive price point.”

To further their reach within the IT industry, Pivot3 has solidified some valuable business partnerships. These relationships are meant to complement Pivot3's services by providing data replication and general data protection, as well as to fill in IT gaps as needed.

While the latest announcement is expected to attract even more reputable customers to the Pivot3 family, that isn't all they're doing in an effort to expand their presence. Having recently secured a total of $11.3 million from six separate investors in their latest round of funding, it's safe to say that there is a lot in store from the Texas-based company.

For more information about Pivot3, including details on their latest technology, a list of products, technical support, press releases, various case studies and more, interested parties can visit their website at


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