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Can You Recover Data Deleted from the Cloud?

Cloud storage is extremely handy for accessing your data at any time across a range of devices. However, just like a hard drive, you should never really on one storage method to keep all your data on. Although a lot of cloud providers claim to offer the same level of security that banks provide, it’s still entirely possible for your data to be deleted from the cloud – even if you just accidentally delete it yourself! If this has happened to you, then don’t fear. It’s possible to recover your data from the cloud, but how you go about it will depend on the situation.
This article will go through some methods for recovering your data on some of the most popular cloud providers.
Recycle bin
The first check might sound simple, but it’s definitely one worth taking. When you delete your files from services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Drive, it’s actually moved to a recycle bin, much like on your computer. You can access this from the cloud provider’s website, rather than the program on your computer. For Dropbox, click the ‘Show deleted files’ icon. For SkyDrive, click the ‘Recycle Bin’ link at the bottom left of the page. For Drive, click ‘More’ on the sidebar and then click ‘Trash’. You can then select these files and restore them to your cloud storage.
The majority of these cloud providers will only keep the deleted files for around thirty days, so the sooner you’re able to check the recycle bin the better. If the files take up a lot of space then they may be removed earlier. Bear in mind that your cloud provider might not necessarily keep the files at all, so be sure to check with your provider.
Previous versions
If you haven’t deleted the whole file outright, but simply updated it with changes you no longer want, it’s possible to roll back to a previous version of the file. Again, this may have a time limit associated with it (often depending on if you’re a paying member or not), so be sure to get round to it straight away. To view previous file versions, right click the file and then select ‘Previous versions’ on Dropbox, ‘Version history’ on SkyDrive and ‘Manage revisions’ on Drive.
On other devices
If you use your cloud storage on other devices, like another computer, then any deleted files might still be on that device providing you haven’t turned it on since deleting the files. This is because the device hasn’t been able to sync to the internet and remove the file. As such, if you disconnect the device from the internet before powering it on then the file should still be in your cloud storage.
Using a file recovery program
If the deleted file was stored on your computer at one point then it could be possible to get it back with a file recovery program. One good option is R-Studio, which offers a free trial before having to purchase it. This program will scan your computer to see if it the file can be recovered. Deleted files on your computer are actually just hidden and opened up to be reallocated for other files. As such, the sooner you run the program then the greater chance you have of getting the deleted files back.


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