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Faster Data Recovery with Silver Peak

Silver Peak Systems is a company that was founded in California in 2004. They are a company who develop products to help optimise data that is being transferred across wide area networks. Their first product, the NX-series, shipped in the latter half of 2005 and the company have been growing strong ever since.

Silver Peak state that when your WAN is running smoothly, no-one notices. When it isn’t, however, everyone does. It’s certainly a statement that rings true – how often have you taken something for granted, only to realise your dependence when it doesn’t work properly? A WAN is a critical component to a business as a whole and as data grows and applications become more diverse, it’s never been more important that the WAN is stable.

Silver Peak claim that they offer the industry’s online multi-gigabit virtual WAN optimisation solution and that it is the only software that will run on every major hypervisor. Regardless of transport protocol or version, Silver Peak is able to improve performance of all enterprise and SaaS applications.

One firm that makes use of Silver Peak is the Citizens Business Bank. This financial enterprise has nearly 50 locations in California and they combine Silver Peak with Dell SC-Series storage. A financial institution needs to be available all the time; some customers bank purely online and if services are down for any amount of time then customer confidence is lost.

The Citizens Business Bank was using tape, but now they can use a live replicated volume. Silver Peak was suitable for them because it’d work regardless of hardware. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, making it simple and cost effective. It allows the firm to recover data quickly and with minimal downtime.

Silver Peak also offers a cloud networking solution that unifies the enterprise network with the public cloud. The service, called Silver Peak Unity, correlates information about cloud services and internet traffic in order to route it through the best path. SaaS and IaaS traffic is kept on Unity, allowing the cloud to be monitored and controlled while ensuring consistent performance.

Features include optimisation for every SaaS application, including Salesforce and Office 365, plus support for leading IaaS providers like AWS, VMware vCloud and Azure. The service also reduces repetitive transmission of duplicate data, provides exterior and interior WAN routing and also has traffic shaping.

What are the benefits for all this? First of all, cost is simplified and unified. There’s a single price for all SaaS applications and money is saved through the elimination of unneeded WAN traffic. Not only that, but it helps migrate data to the cloud quickly. Silver Peak claim that their service offers a 20x more average throughput than standard, meaning transfers that previously took days now take hours.

Silver Peak consistently performs well in reviews, with many praising how easy it is to install, configure and integrate into systems.

Free trials of Silver Peak solutions can be downloaded from the firm’s official website. It is here where you can also find additional information on the services they offer, like detailed examples of where the service can be employed best within an organisation.


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