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StorageCraft Combines Backup, Recovery and Data Analysis Into One

StorageCraft has been around for quite some time. With a comprehensive line of software and utilities aimed at data backup and recovery, they fill a crucial role in the industry. In a recent bid to expand on their capabilities and offer even more value to their customers, representatives with StorageCraft recently announced the acquisition of a highly advanced data analytics framework from Gillware Online Backup.

Moreover, StorageCraft is using the technology to upgrade the existing functionality of their popular File Backup and Recovery suite. After the new integration, their flagship software will be known as StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer. As its name suggests, the tool will provide a number of in-depth analytical tools for users.

For starters, the Backup Analyzer portion of the suite will be accessible from the same web-based interface that current customers are already used to. There's no need to go elsewhere in order to take advantage of the new functionality.

The Backup Analyzer also simplifies the process of deciding what data to backup and which to ignore. With a primary goal of distinguishing mission-critical data from that which is less important, the utility is able to maximize your disk space usage as well as shorten the overall amount of time spent archiving your important files.

In addition, StorageCraft also utilizes a complex classification system to mark certain files as "unaddressed," which often equate to user customizability, preferences or application-specific settings. Users will have full control over all unaddressed files, thereby giving them the ability to set specific rules regarding future archives.

Finally, the new technology is also being applied to the recovery aspect of the software. In this sense, developers were able to take advantage of advanced AI in order to provide a comprehensive review and, if necessary, the backup of any critical data that resides on laptop computers or other devices that are not connected to your primary network. Again, all of this functionality, including the restoration capabilities of the software, are accessible through the familiar user interface that is already in place on their website.

Jawaad Tariq, vice president of engineering with StorageCraft, spoke about the new technology in the initial press release. He was quoted as saying: "We acquired Gillware technology not just for the file based backup technology, but also due to the advanced data analytics capability built into that offering. Integrating its data analytics capabilities into the StorageCraft global cloud infrastructure is an immediate priority for us to realize the full potential of this acquisition. We committed to a November global release, and the fact that our engineers were able to launch such a powerful tool in that short timeframe is a reflection of their commitment and capabilities."

If you aren't quite convinced that StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer is right for you, the company also offers a free trial. To download the demo software, or to find out more information on any of their products or services, please visit their official website at


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