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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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A Look at SysTool's Data Recovery Software

An affordable, award-winning and easy-to-use solution to recovery lost data, SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery software works with nearly every version of Windows – from 2000 to 10 – and supports every possible file format seen within those operating systems. Moreover, with a manufacturer's price tag of less than $40 and an incredibly lightweight file size, the program is ideal for users of all types.

Some of the primary features of SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery include:

External and internal drive recovery: The software supports data that has been deleted or moved from any type of device – including a computer's primary hardware and any peripheral drives. External hard drives and thumb drives are all supported.

Multimedia data recovery: SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery is capable of restoring files of nearly any type, including typed documents, images, videos and even audio files.

Corrupted drive data recovery: The software also supports recovery from corrupted and damaged files. In some cases, SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery can restore lost data from files that have a high level of corruption.

Selective data recovery: Users who want the option of picking and choosing which files to recover can do so through the handy GUI of SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Recovery of permanently deleted files: Although there are a plethora of data recovery options on the market today, many of these fall short when it comes to recovering data that has been permanently deleted. SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery, on the other hand, uses state-of-the-art technology and data recovery algorithms to recover these files quickly and efficiently.

Support for multiple drive types: SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery supports the most common file architectures, including NTFS and FAT. For advanced users, it also supports ExFAT.

Preview of recoverable items: Users are also given the opportunity to preview any recoverable files before beginning the actual recovery process. This ensures that users are restoring the correct files instead of wasting their time with older or outdated versions.

Advanced options for data extraction: SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery also offers some advanced tools for data extraction, too, such as choosing the exact filename or folder for recovery.

Searchable file list: After scanning a drive for lost or corrupted data, SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery generates a comprehensive list of any recoverable files. This list is easily searchable, thus allowing users to quickly and easily locate the files they need.

File sorting and filtering: Recoverable files can also be sorted and filtered by different criteria. Users are given the option to sort their files according to their filename, their creation date, the last modified or last accessed dates or total file size.

About SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery

SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery is primarily targeted toward consumers, but it's usable by small- and midsized businesses, too. To find out more information about this software or any of their other solutions, or to download a free demo, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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