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Undeleting Photos from an Android Tablet

Tablets are great for not only storing photos, but also taking them as well if your device allows it. Whether it is family photos or holiday memories, a big tablet display makes it a great way to view and take photos.
It is always encouraged that you back these photos up to another device as much as possible. For example, if you’ve just come back off a holiday, your tablet full of snaps, then it’s ideal to copy them over to your computer as soon as possible. It’s possible for your tablet’s storage to become corrupted, whether that’s internally or an SD card. If it does get corrupted then it risks making your photos inaccessible or deleting them. On top of this, accidents do happen; you might slip and remove photos that you didn’t mean to.
Fear not, because your photos aren’t lost forever. There are ways to undelete photos from an Android tablet. Things are simpler if the photos were stored on an SD card (external storage), but it is possible to recover from the internal storage too.
This article will take a look at a number of Android apps and desktop software that you can download to your device to aid in the recovery of your photos. First, let’s examine some of the apps on offer. Bear in mind that these will require your device to be rooted. If you’re unsure what that means then chances are your isn’t, so skip ahead to the desktop program recommendations.
One app is Hexamob Recovery. This supports various different file systems (vfat, ext2, ext3 and ext4). Another is Undelete for Root Users, which supports over 1000 file types and can recover from either the SD or internal storage. This app offers thumbnail previews of files to be recovered, which makes it much easier to sort through the results. A third app you could use is DiskDigger, which also offers experimental support for video recovery. According to the description this is a “work in progress app”, so DiskDigger comes as a cautious suggestion.
If the data you need to recover is on your SD card then you’ll probably find it easier to insert it into your computer and run a desktop application. One program you could use is R-Studio, a powerful recovery tool that runs on a variety of operating systems. R-Studio is available as a free trial and a purchasable program. Another recommendation is Wondershare Data Recovery for Android, a program that was designed specifically with Android devices in mind (hence the name!). Simply connect your Android tablet to your computer, load up Wondershare and it will take you through the steps you need to recover your photos (and other files). This product is available as a free trial or $49.95 for a single user personal license.
Remember that none of these tools are totally one hundred per cent guaranteed to recover all your photos. It depends on varying factors, like how badly the files are corrupted (if they are) and how long it’s been since the files were removed. If you don’t have luck with one program then it’s always worth trying another one ensure full efficiency.


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