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Webair Teams with Zerto to Provide Disaster Recovery Services

As a leader in managed cloud services, Webair has recently bolstered their available disaster recovery options through a brand new partnership with Zerto. A highly recognized provider of IT solutions in their own right, the team with Zerto adds a whole new level of protection to Webair customers.

In fact, Webair's entire customer base is now able to benefit from faster and more reliable data recovery across the board. This includes data that is stored on local servers as well as datasets that reside within the Webair cloud. Moreover, Zerto's hardware-agnostic, VM-centric solution provides improved continuity and compliance throughout the backup and replication processes. This is especially useful when used in industries that face a large amount of regulatory scrutiny, including the healthcare sector.

Sagi Brody, chief technology officer with Webair, explained some of the industries served by his company in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: "Webair has been providing DRaaS to enterprises, including healthcare, financial services and eCommerce firms, for years. With the addition of Zerto, we are now able to offer customers who cannot afford to place their digital assets in jeopardy under any circumstances an even more efficient, reliable solution to protect their data and applications, and mitigate vulnerability."

As a result of their customers' increasing reliance on data availability, stability and security, Webair decided to team up with Zerto to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient service. The new features of Zerto also include tools to enhance system transparency and visibility, thereby letting IT officials monitor processes related to replication, private networking and disaster planning.

Brody went on to speak about the importance of disaster recovery by stating: "The reality is that power grid failures, extreme weather events and data loss are both unpredictable and inevitable, but customers' critical assets can remain protected and they have options. Our disaster recovery solutions can be run for our customers on our own clouds, or for customers running VMware at their own location or a third-party data center; they can easily replicate to Webair in real-time."

About Webair

Headquartered in Garden City, New York, Webair has been providing IT solutions to customers around Long Island and New York City for nearly two decades. Apart from cloud and managed services, the company also specializes in colocation, SAP hosting, eCommerce, large-scale database management and more.

To find out more information about any of their products or solutions, which are meant primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, please visit their official website at Alternately, you can speak with a live representative by dialing 1-866-932-2471.

About Zerto

Zerto was founded in 2009 with the help of numerous investment firms. Since then, the company has maintained focus on disaster recovery solutions within cloud and virtual environments. They've been granted numerous awards throughout their short tenure in the industry, including Business Continuity Product of the Year in the 2015 UK Cloud Awards, Storage Virtualisation Product of the Year in the 2014 SVC Awards and many more.

For more information about Zerto, interested parties can view their official website at


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