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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Why Are Some Recovery Programs Free?

There are a lot of different recovery programs available to download online. Some of these programs cost money, while others come without a price tag and can be downloaded absolutely free. You’re probably wondering why you should ever bother considering paid software when there’s free alternatives available. This article will explore precisely why some recovery programs are available to download for nothing.

First of all, a lot of programs will brand themselves as free, but they’re actually only trial versions of the actual product. This could mean that it’ll show you what data could be recovered, but in order to actually bring it back then you’ll need to cough up. Alternatively, it could offer a tiny amount of data to be recovered. This is good if you’re only looking to get back specific files, but it’ll likely not be enough if you want to get a whole drive back.

The main reason that a lot of free programs are priced as such is because they offer a reduced feature set compared to their paid counterparts. While a lot of the free software can be suitable for home use, many don’t offer the advanced features that are required in an enterprise setting. This could include anything from not restoring folder paths, file names or metadata. Alternatively, the program could not be as intuitive, for example not offering previews of images.

Also, the bottom line is that some free software simply isn’t as efficient at recovering data. You can scan your drive with three different pieces of free software and the chances are that they’ll all give you different results. However, it’s important to bear in mind that just because a program costs it doesn’t mean it’s going to be any better at recovery.

It might not be an initial consideration, but it’s also important to look at the level of customer support offered on the free software. As you might expect, producing free software is rarely a lucrative opportunity, unless it is being supported through advertising or other ventures. As such, it could be that the software doesn’t offer any technical support through avenues like email or phone, simply because it isn’t cost efficient. However, that isn’t true for all free software; a lot do offer comprehensive help guides or community helpdesks so that users can assist one another.

Following on from this, some free software may never receive updates because the developer has no financial incentive to do so. This could lead to poor operating system support, bugs or incompatibility with newer file types. Be sure that the program you’re downloading is up-to-date and will completely work on your system before use.

Some recovery programs are free simply because the developer created it in their spare time and is providing the software to help others. You may find that free software performs well, but it’s always worth downloading trials of reputable paid software to see whether it’ll suit you better. If you do decide to go free, ensure that you’re downloading from a trusted source. There are a lot of malicious sites out there that look to capitalise on your panic for their unscrupulous gain.


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