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Many Businesses Underprepared for Data Recovery

Most businesses aren't covered when it comes to data recovery, so don't make their mistakes.

12 / 29 / 2019 Chris Connor

Exposed Hotel Database Jeopardizes Data of 140,000 Customers

An exposed hotel database was found that contained details on thousands of high-end business accounts.

12 / 10 / 2019 J.R. Johnivan

North Korean Hackers Targeting ATM Data with New Malware

New malware, originating from North Korea, is specifically targeting ATMs and their users.

12 / 02 / 2019 J.R. Johnivan

Nearly Half of Drives Sold on eBay Contain Sensitive Data

A worrying number of used drives sold online can still have deleted personal data recovered.

11 / 25 / 2019 Chris Connor

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

The time it takes to recover data can depend on things like how the drive is damaged and how much data there was.

11 / 19 / 2019 Chris Connor

Majority of UK Businesses Not Confident in Their Recovery Plans

Despite cyber crime being on the increase, many businesses still aren't sure about their recovery plans.

10 / 25 / 2019 Chris Connor

How Do Database Rollbacks Work?

Database rollbacks are very handy when you commit wrong information or need to revert after disaster.

09 / 16 / 2019 Chris Connor

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